Friday, August 14, 2009

New Video By Qayyim a.k.a Mustard

Had a little session with Qayyim last week at CM. :D Enjoy and spread the message. :)


A'a said...

ooh i definitely love this video amir!! and you know why ;):):) HAHAHAHHAA!!!

but seriously, this is a good one. not only you guys did great in the video but also the fact that H1N1 didnt stop you at all from doing the thing that you guys love and enjoy is realy really cool. and the messgae towards the end of the video, regarding the deaths caused by H1N1, that's just brilliant!! very inspiring for me. :)

well done!!!

Just_najmiE said...

wow, awesome.. still being able to do what u love to do.. I envy u, but what else is new?.. hahaha..

take care too!.. (^^,)