Friday, August 7, 2009

I feel old lah. How now?

Wah! I feel so old meh. Walking up and down stairs. Climbing up and down hills. Travelling from the dorm to classes, to the cafeteria, to outside Aswara stalls and outdoor restaurants, and not to mention from class to class too and finally the walk and ride home to and on the commuter. Wooh. It's non-stop action!! Haven't had this much activity since, ummm... forever. haha!

So now I'm back home. Early tomorrow morning, I have to supposedly wake up early and try to get a coupla bus tickets to JB. *stares at the clock on my pc* Hmmm... 2.30am. Not a good number to be seeing if I wanna wake up early tomorrow. But oh well, let's just leave it to destiny. Oh yes, I do believe in fate and destiny, but I also believe that we can alter it. Contradicting, yes? I know, but for me, I'd like to see it as a room with a lot of doors leading to different outcomes. Although all of them are pre-determined, we/I/you still have a choice of choosing which door to open and to go through. :D Makes a lot more sense now right? But that's just me. I like to think positive. Or at least try to.

Watched G.I. Joe with Abudi and Azam. Comments? It's just as I imagined it would be. A big sack of pure SUCK! OH YEAH!!! I'd write a review, but this movie is just not worth my time. So Imma head straight to the outro and say, DO NOT WATCH IF YOU WANT SATISFACTION OR FUN OR ENJOYMENT OR A LAUGH OR A LIFE for that matter. oops! tibe2 terkeluar the last sentence without me even realising it. Oh my indeed.

On another note, I'm actually quite sleepy already now. But I'm forcing myself to stay awake cuz I can't when I'm at school. So, kire ni cam nak use my free time to the fullest la ni. Filling it with useless time wasting things such as writing this blog post. Hohoho!

Vid progress is on hold. Still indefinitely. Hehe! Better hurry guys. Bulan puasa dah dekat ni. Confirm la takde orang buat sick tricks or the energy to do them during that time of month. Which is coming up pretty fast mind you. Hujung bulan ni wehh!!! OMG!!! And what about the Raya jam session?? Where are we gonna do our Hari Raya jam? And I would like suggest we train in our Baju Melayu with songkok and kain and everything!! Hahahaha!! Would make for a very interesting photo shoot and video too. Funny shit really.

and ummm... what else ah? can't think of anything more to add. So Imma just post up a coupla photos that have no relation to today's post as usual. :D Taken last coupla weeks when were supposed to film the "dudes with lack of footage" parts but ended up being another chill session. So enjoy some little rumput/lalang flower things and Abudi's ballet move!!! Yes my friends. Abudi does ballet in his free time. It's his other passion. So yea.. hahaha! Man, I should go get some sleep now.

goodnite. calu calu calu!!


Abudi Alsagoff said...

ahahahahaha!!!!! Yes indeed!!! Very the yes!! Ballerina FTW!!!!!!!

Ms.Independant said...

Hye Amir,

Farah Najja here.

Btw, I love both pic in this entry. So nice!


Just_najmiE said...

old??... normal perhaps.. huhuhu..

watcha got to go to JB for?.. oh wait, u also live there.. hahahaha, I forgot.. :p

enjoy the weekends with useless time wasting things.. (^^,)

A'a said...

hahahaha nice ballerina move abudi!! :P you look so pretty. haha kidding! :P

oh hey, oh please do the raya jam with cara melayu and everything. that'd be cool man!! and funny! susuralley!! hahahha speaking of susuralley, im still waiting on that david bail magic 3!!!! hahaha

Amir Hamzah said...

david bail abudi will edit!! :D:D:D:D:D:D