Saturday, August 1, 2009

I need my space.

Of all the things in the world, there's nothing I value more than my alone time. I'm not a social person. I can deal with people for a while. But I need my space. Now that I'm staying in a frickin hostel my nerves are always near the bleeding edge of bursting. I don't like crowded places, I don't like noisy places and now I'm living 5 days a week of my life in one. WHAT THE FUCK??? And when I get home, I'm expecting to chill in my limited chill time without any distractions much else lecturing. Honestly speaking, even tho this place I'm at is a really cool place to study, it's still school, with rules. I fucking hate rules. I fucking hate school. And most importantly, I FUCKING HATE people telling me what to do. FUCK THAT! But it's something I'm dealing with right now. People never change, they adapt. And that's what I'm doing. -(parents invading my space. u'd think after raising me for 24 years they'd know this about me. apparently they don't, even tho i tell them all the time. lol)

Anyway, expect to read a lot more of these vent posts. I'm trying to keep sane by working harder on my training regime. Conditioning never felt so good after spending a whole day with a bunch of people. Imma work on my legs more starting next week. They're a little weak for my tastes. Hopefully walking up and down the stairs in school will help me with that. And yea, I do call it school, cuz my way of studying now is the same way I studied during my school years. I never liked getting spoon fed. I do it on my own and that's the way I like it.

Gonna have to re-shoot some of Abudi's stuff later today if it doesn't rain. And get some of everyone else too, especially Qayyim. None of his stuff yet. The vid's 2 minutes in with some footage that might be taken out. Which leaves to around a minute and a half of confirmed shots out of the 5 minutes I'm planning to make. Gotta remember to get some of my fronts and parkour shit too. Only have a few of those. Can't see this getting done in the near future. Might be done by Ramadhan tho, hopefully.

alright, I'm off. Laters. No piccies cuz I'm lazy. :D


lolina. said...

now you know why i hate school so much.

izzy said...

well, just need to deal with it slowly. one day you will say proudly, "wow, i am once in a school n i did it".. hehe!

A'a said...

you already have MYspace!! LOL okay that's lame. hahaha hang in there ah meang. you'll survive :D

Just_najmiE said...

aiyoh, a vent post.. hohoho.. good luck weih, tough it out! u'll get used to it, or go crazy, whichever comes first.. XD XD XD

Jules said...

I know what you mean... I HATED my life in the hostel. I HATED how my stupid roommates would bring ALL their friends to the room and sit at my spot so that I can't study! I HATED hostel life when I was in uni. I was so glad to leave after a year.

Merissa K. said...

just to keep you sane, y dont u do what you did masa kita kat n9 dulu? heheh.

hack masuk pc rumah orang depan and shut the pc off time tgh critical point in the game. XD