Saturday, August 15, 2009

I almost drifted into a longkang today.

So I was on my way back from Alamanda and I ikut jalan nak pegi rumah acap. As I was heading to the U-turn which was under the flyover there was this van who was heading up the flyover suddenly decides to change his mind and head downstairs where I was going too. I was already doing somewhere around 80kmh so, malas nak brake. But now I was pushed to the other lane and in front of me was a tractor. You know la, the huge orange tractor thing. Woh! lagi la slow i thought. So there was this little gap between the van and the tractor before the u-turn and I decided to floor it.

I hit somewhere around 100 and tibe-tibe I was already at the corner. I totally forgot it was raining, so I couldn't just hit the brakes, or else I'd just smash the divider, so I shifted down and took the turn as wide as I can but it was no use. The back end of my car was starting to spin out and all I can see then was that the road was to my left and directly in front of me was this longkang. HOLY SHIT!! I thought to myself.

So as the car was drifting sideways at more than 45 degrees I had to think fast so I counter steered to the left, this episode actually reminded me of the time I crashed the car back when I was 17. The same thing only this time I was wearing my seatbelt. So as I counter steered, I saw myself getting closer and closer to the longkang when the tires finally hit some dry tarmac and took me off the drift into the opposite direction. So basically what I did was an S-shaped swerve as shown on the image above which I drew. Pretty good eh!? :D

Also as you can see from the image, the right back end of the car already went into the longkang. But I still had my foot on the accelerator because of the that counter-steer move I made so with that and the momentum of the swerve, the car managed to kinda pop out on its own without getting stuck there. And there I was, staring at the divider on the other end of the road. I've efficiently blocked both of the lanes at a blindspot in the u-turn.

I guess god was looking out for me today, since I managed to save myself from plunging the car into the longkang, and saved my car from getting tersangkut in the longkang due to one of the rear tyres yang termasuk ke dalam there, made me wear my seatbelt and killed the engine just as soon as I ended the swerve preventing me from hitting the divider on the opposite side of the road. Cuz my foot was still on the accelerator when it was all over. :O

And the best thing was, there was no noticeable damage on the car!!! Woohoo!!! SAVED!!!! kalau tak, mampos aku kene basuh ngan my dad. hahaha!!

So, the moral of the story is. Always wear ur seatbelt. Always stay calm during emergencies, (oh yes, I was surprisingly calm when I lost control of the car. I think because I main game racing banyak sangat kot. only felt the takutness when it was all over. I guess playing that Grid game in the cockpit view wasn't so useless afterall. :P) so i guess the last one is, play lotsa racing games yang ade cockpit view. haha!! it helps!! really :P


A'a said...


but thank god, you managed to control the kan. if not, :S Nauzubillah!! Hhaha and yeah, all thanks to all those racing games!! :P tak sia-sia jadi hardcore gamer kan? you can apply what you've learn virtually in the real-life setting!! WOOH!! now how cool is that?!! Siapa cakap main game buang masa?? hahhahaahaha!!

next time, jangan la drive laju-laju time hujan :P:P

A'a said...

and oh, cantik lukisan!! boleh beli ka? haha

siddiq said...

i dunno u r such a talented artist..

Just_najmiE said...

aiyohh, taking chances on a rainy day.. huhuhu.. it was really lucky loh.. but whatever it is, do take care..

Abudi Alsagoff said...

that painting is priceless. you've beaten up siddiz's drawing.

izzy said...

oh i just read this, man u got art skill! dang! hahah~

Merissa K. said...

mir, tak payah laa budget fast & furious. hahahaha.

you and accidents. hmph. im glad you're okay tho. otherwise, tak pasal pasal je our next reunion will be in the hospital.

(psst, ajar i drift! ;) )