Saturday, July 11, 2009

Cover section :D

Last night, during the silent and cold of the early morning hours I couldn't sleep. So I picked up my guitar and sang a few songs. :D For some reason I took the camera and recorded myself playing and thus AxidrainTube was born!! Woohooo!! I'm gonna make this my official music page. For the time being I'm just gonna do some covers of songs that I like and whatever originals that I might have if I ever have any.

For the first one, I did Firasat by Marcell. Messed up a few parts when I was ad-libbing, seriously, it's kinda hard to improvise on this song. Maybe cuz the chord progression is kinda weird. Also messed up the ending chord of the song. But penat la to re-sing that song. :O So I left it as is. XD Hmmm... So yea, enjoy my half nakedness on this one. It's my tidur attire. A pair of shorts. I'll be properly dressed in the upcoming ones with better lighting and set maybe. If I'm rajin that is. Hohohoho!

I dunno how often this will be updated. I'll try me best, Chords are umm I dunno, I think my chord after the G one is wrong but who cares right? :D


Just_najmiE said...

cool.. I love ur voice.. (^^,)
but, erm...


half naked..


A'a said...

amirrrr record the song you dedicated to me lah!! hahaha half naked!! WAHAHAHHA kidding XD

ps: yeah! genting!

@Fr!^n@ said...

i listen using 2 ways

satu tutup mate and another bukak mate...

hee... kalo bukak mate.. dok sibuk tgk u half naked.. bukan dengar lagu pun.. ahahahahahah so i decided to hear it again in other method.. ahahahaha

this song is cathy.. lagipun mmg u have a very melodies and sore yang merdu... u have that.. so any song u sing will be great... the melodi sedap didengar.. sore penu dengan emosi and jalan cerita yang menarik..

sekian terima kasih.. heeee

Amir Hamzah said...

haha!! i'll make sure i wear a shirt next time. thanx for the comments :D

Anonymous said...

hey brad I'm Ryuofyogie, I was totally love your voice in this video >,< I'm your fans brothaaa !