Sunday, July 12, 2009

A week to go

It seems that my everyday freedom will come to a complete halt come next Sunday. Yep. Back to school, rules and homework. Hmmm... Time management is gonna be a problem. Gotta work on that once the time comes. Life's been pretty boring anyways. A little change would do me good.

Yesterday's fooling around session was fun. We threw training out the window and had some fun. I'm converting them vids at the moment. Most definitely Susuralley material. haha! Muril came back from berak (direct conversion from arabic) for the weekend. So yea, when there's Muril in the picture you can always expect another Susuralley vid. >:3

Got a few more really, really REALLY weird and funny photos. I'm not sure if I should post them up. I'll think about it first. haha!! Alright, this vid is gonna be a long one. Might take a while to edit and especially upload, so, don't wait up. :D


siddiq said...

dammit, aku dtg lambat mesti xde..

A'a said...

yes!! susuralley!! woohoo!!