Friday, July 10, 2009


Okay, over the course of the few years that I've been on youtube, I've seen a lot of things. Weird things, funny things, crazy things. But today, I saw something that should have never, and I repeat NEVER EVER been made and uploaded on youtube or any other place for that matter!!

I like girls, what kind of guy doesn't right? But, there's a very fine line between what's hot and what's not. I'm not being mean, it's just that, well, impressions are everything. First impressions are the most important. But when you show this kind of thing to strangers on the net, hundreds and if you're terribly "lucky" maybe thousands of them. Infamy is not the same thing as fame. I can tell you that much.

My eyes were hurting when I watched this. Had to wait for the vid to finish buffering too. Took me a good 10 minutes of my life that I'm never gonna get back. Oh how I regret it. But this is life. You make choices and you live with the consequences. So without further ado. I give you!!!!!! I don't know how to describe this. Just watch and judge for yourself. Get ready to cringe. hahhaaha!!


Just_najmiE said...

fat girls dancing..
*running to the sink n puke*
much better now.. (^^,)

some secrets should stay secrets..

Abudi Alsagoff said...

nooo!! you're promoting their stupid video!!!! don't bother posting it up! OMFG!

@Fr!^n@ said...

heee... pernah jugak wat camni..
but never been publish... ya ur rite najmie... some secrets should stay secrets... heee...

maybe their just need some attention.. that y they comeout whit this crap vid... heee...

ps- ske yang kiri skali.. got attitute ketike menari.. wakakakakaka :P LOL

A'a said...

WHAT THE FUCK!!!! HAHAHAHAHAH tak sanggup aku tengok sampai habis weyyy!!! gile babi perasan sexy hahahahaha