Wednesday, June 3, 2009

A very sunny day :D

Went for another solo session today. I can really feel how much my conditioning has improved my free-run stuff. Had a bit of a beam balancing session and a few stretchies before I went out for the full all out training. First off, me flips. I can honestly say, that my flips have been pretty good and consistent as of late. More focus and I don't have that "am i gonna bail" feeling anymore. Which is really2 good for me. Ever since my accident I've been very hesitant on my moves. Glad that I'm on the right track again.

Next off!! me legs!! Oh yeah!! Squats are definitely FTW. :D So here's how the run went, after the balancing stuff at the skate park, I went straight down to the main wall area. At the first staircase, not much of a staircase really, went with a webbie straight to a run and a drop down the other set of stairs. Now, I feel really comfortable jumping up instead of diving for the drop and tucking my legs in. It feels much more natural now. And the landing was great! None of that impact pain I used to have. The shoulder roll that came after was also pretty good. I used to have trouble rolling on the rough surface of TTC. Oh yea, I was shirtless again. Weee. A crazy half naked dude jumping around in the park. I wonder what the people think. lol

After the roll went to the nearest wall, still running with the flow, went up and over straight to the next ledge/platform and straight to a sideflip. Had to slow down a bit by then, cuz sudah semput lol. So anyway, slowed down my pace and headed to the other set of stairs on the other side of the wall area and dropped down, shoulder roll. Perfect! Same like the first one. :D And finished it off with a cat leap and pull up at the wall below. Woohoo!! All this from a month of conditioning and new way of training. All thanks to Cat a.k.a Elgato. His superhuman strength is really inspiring lol.

So anyway, after checking out the spehrical "buns" to make sure its stable, I went back down the stairs, tic-taced up to the top. The first attempt failed, but managed to get it by the second, did a U-turn, and went for a bun sideflip at one of the aforementioned "spherical buns". Wanted to do a side but ended up being a one legged front flip. And I lost momentum. haha!!

Did a few cats, precisions and vaults at the office area, and then to the other side of the lake for a monkey to punch front off a small platform. Gotta learn to punch up and not dive. Landed all of 'em but not consistent tho. Gotta work more on that. After a few rounds of that, I decided to head back to the wall, went to the bridge from pagar batu with some precision runs. Did a few more turn to cats and back to pullups at wall. A monkey down the wall side and punch front turned webbie at the pagar next to the tricking ground and finished with my used to be favorite trick. The aerial after a climbup back to the wall. Once I reached the car, started the engine, turned on the air cond and wait, I wasn't done yet. 50 pushups and then a handstand till i tak larat. Wooohh!!

It was only a 30 minute session, but I was already sweating buckets. I purposely didn't give myself much chance to rest in between runs. It turns out that was my limit. 30 minutes of non stop action. I guess I'll do this once a week. Don't think I can manage doing this everyday inclusive of my conditioning regiments.

Now all I have to do is finish tonight's reps. :O


A'a said...

well done ah meng!! hahaha :P

@Fr!^n@ said...

training sorang2.. cam tak besh je.. heee..
but what eva it is.. its good for ya..
50 push up?? wahh.. now u look like rambo.. hahahaha :P LOL

Jules said...

What kinda things do you do for conditioning?