Thursday, June 4, 2009

Terminator Salvation

Okay so we came in half an hour late for the movie. But that's not the point. I'm not gonna write a long winded review of the movie. So instead I'm just gonna put it in point form.

- cinematography is great, lighting is great, the cgi is great

- the supporting actors sucked, they can't effing act! I mean seriously. It's like watching a cheesy B grade movie.

- The script... wow! I think they only focused on christian bale, cuz the rest of the cast, like I said, cheesy lines, cheesy acting, cheesy everything. And not the good kind of cheese too.

- The story.... What was the story again? Like Ammar puts it on the ride back home last night, it's like they made the trailer first and then patched up the rest of the movie from it. It sucked!

- The terminators.. Wow.. this is the future where the machines control themselves and is wiping out the human race. So why the hell are they wearing clothes? There's this one terminator dude who looks like an effing terrorist! Exactly like Achmed the terrorist. And the twitchy puppet like movements of the non CGIed terminators were awful.

- Sound effects, pretty good, but recycled throughout the movie. You'll hear the same things over and over again until the movie ends. The rail guns, explosions, and that annoying robot sound. Which is kind of like a wailing robot pontianak.

- Background music? Were there even any? I guess they spent so much on the explosions and CGI that they can't afford better script writers, actors, or even music composers for that matter. It was bland. The ambience was non-existent. See music plays a big part in movies. When you omit that out u also detach the audience from really being drawn into the moment. Which is my other complaint.

- There are no moments in the movie that really pulls you in.

- Last but not least... The ENDING!!! WTF???? Okay, I kinda was imagining of the worst possible ending for the movie. And it happened. Yay!!! The minute your audience can guess your ending. That's it, your movie truly sucks.

- As an ending note, it's bland, its cliched, its predictable, it's a B-grade movie housed in a blockbuster shell. End of story.

Thanks for reading. I hope I managed to save you guys some cash.


lolina. said...

redeem your soul by watching star trek (again if you already have) or monsters vs aliens 3D XD

Paishx said...

termnator salvation is not so bad.
the ending was so bad lolx.
the ending like the same storyboard like the before this terminator salvation.
mcm terminator yg lps pnye

Paras|te said...

Terminator Salvation FTW!!!

Keyrana said...

your review can suck it! best jer aku tgk.

Amir Hamzah said...

oh em geee!! u serious man? that movie sucked balls weh!!