Monday, June 8, 2009

Hehehe!! Procrastination is really something.

Yep I should be going to JB tomorrow, but due to my procrastinating, I went and tried to get my tickets on the day before the trip. Hehehe!! And the tickets were sold out. :P Having no other choice I had to go for the next day's ride. Alright JB guys, enjoy the jam session and save some for us on the next day. :D

p/s - sorry guys. :P


Paras|te said...

what a fuel~!

Kuyem said...

dont worry,
the jam will start on tuesday,
bsk aku pon nak rest full day.

A'a said...

hahaha apalaa amir2. anyways, send my regards to the jb dudes. :)

hafyz_dinh said...

amir,stay JB lame sikit... =)

hafyz_dinh said...
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