Saturday, May 30, 2009

A day out with Sulaya. Ni hao ni hao :D

Today's activities? No parkour. But temaning my good friend sulaya. Yea, she might look chinese but she's an all malay girl. She can speak a bit of mandarin tho. :D I brought a lot of stuff for today. My mp3 player, my camera gear, and of course my psp. Cuz you know lah, make over ni takes a while. Actually she made me bring the camera to take some photos of during her makeover. oh yea, she looks quite different without her glasses. Took me a while to get used to it.

Other than that, I also transferred a tiny fraction of my massive 55gigs worth of psp games to her pretty cool macbook. :D It's so pretty. I want one, but tak mampu. :( Oh well. someday, someday. :p

On another note I'm starting to have a pretty good conditioning regime. 120 pushups, done in 3 reps of 50, 20, 30, 20. Tak larat lagi nak go full hundred so I'm just gonna work on that till I get it. 5 reps of 10 L crunches thing, I dunno what it's called but it seems to work, so Imma just keep doing it. And lastly squats, I can only do 50 before my knees start burning. Wooh sakit woooo. And I do one of these in the afternoon and another one at night :D All of these are done without referring to any fitness program or reference. Cuz I'm lazy nak ikut cara orang. So I buat je la what I'm doing now and see if it works. haha!!

And tomorrow, video time. :)

below, some photos of Suraya's makeover session.

She doesn't know what the makeup artist is doing with her hair. She looks worried. Cuz she was. haha!

Yes, she likes to sengih2 like that one.

All done, now all she needs to do is get in her dress and get to the partay!! :)


Kuyem said...

I wish I had a good hot female fwen

Paishx said...

hahaha me neitherr

Hariz said...

Shes gorgeous!!
Amir u r one lucky person!!
I envy u man..hahaha

Aqil Mirza said...

wow 120 push ups! wee~ i'm going to catch on to it! lol i can do only 20... how about another 100 ? i just need more fitness training.. lol! :D
Bytheway.. Your good friend Sulaya has a look like a model! :)

Keyrana said...

lol kuyem. pindah bangi man, kitorang semua ade mmbe awek yg hot2. bukan ame sorg je. hahaha! pancing2~

A'a said...

sulaya chantek. :P gila her skin is like WHOA :O:O:O

Paras|te said...

You guys are a perv~! Haha

@Fr!^n@ said...

shes gorgeous..:)

Anonymous said...

Hi BFF cum psychic lover :p
Ah Mei ah, my sister is requesting for a less-kid-ish games :p Not sure which ones are more "adult" [that sounds worng but you know what I mean.]

Amir Hamzah said...

ooh! i know just the thang ;D I've got quite a few cool ones :D