Monday, May 25, 2009

My emo training session :D

Earlier today... oh wait a minute. It's 2am. Let me rephrase, yesterday afternoon after I picked up some papers from Yamaha. I figured that I should shoot some clips to compile for the video I've been wanting to make that's nowhere near complete yet. I guess I'm gonna have to plan it out first as I did for the new year vid.

So anyway, the sun was up and virtually no clouds in sky. A perfect day for a video shoot. I started to shoot some clips at Alamanda. I walked around the back side of the complex and found this pretty cool spot with some rails. There was this one spot with a bench beneath that I think if done correctly, I can get myself right up the next floor. Definitely something I'll try out once I gain the confidence.

So for this video, I guess I just compiled it to show to you guys roughly how I want the flow video to look like. A route, and of course multiple takes of the same moves from different angles. Since there are quite a few of us, it's gonna take a while. I don't want another random compiled video, so yea, Imma scout the place, and if I'm rajin do a rough story board or maybe just some notes rather since I don't really know how to sketch. Then shoot a sequence for each person and if possible fit a few dudes into the shots, which will take much more planning.

This video was done in one day and took me about an hour of editting and rendering. It was surprisingly easy cuz I had the clips set in sequence when I shot it. So note to self. More attention to the shoot than the actual editting. :)

enjoy the video. and dont focus on my belleh. XD


Acap said...

pergh~! emo sial...cube tgk 1:24...diri sorg2 atas batu...dgn lagu yg slow and ala-ala sedih...pokok pulak ditiup angin...diikuti dgn scene first person view lepas tuh...OMG!! so emo!!

siddiq said...

woohooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! emo gler sial!! mmg fit title!!!
faking asam!!

MuriL's Delinquent said...

Amir...faking emo!!!
so sekarang bukan azam emo lagi lah, Amir emo...FTW!!!

NajmiE said...

hohoho.. very emo..

cool vid non-the-less.. train hard and keep it save ek.. aiyoh, your belly!! boncet weih!! XD


Abudi Alsagoff said...

fuck my friends are gonna go cut my wrist.

A'a said...

gile babi emo sial!! hahahaha!!
1:24 cehhh it's like a im-standing-on-top-of-the-mountain moment. and you're thinking of your life, the past, present and of course whats coming ahead. hahahaha emo emo emo emo!!! XD and the music omg!! haha i feel like im watching a korean drama or something XD but hey, all is good!! :D:D:D:D

Hariz said...

Woah love the video man..
Unique man..
Somethin diff..
Great idea..

Keyrana said...

abudi emo membe die emo!

Amir Hamzah said...

haha! thanks guys and gals :D

Amir Hamzah said...

emo FTW!!!!

lolina. said...

the tummy and the tits. priceless.