Monday, May 25, 2009

ASWARA here I come :D

Woke up for subuh this morning and didn't go back to sleep. Amazing! Unfortunately it's not out of my own will. In fact I had to stay up and head for Aswara for the intake tests and interview. Naturally i slept quite late as well last nite. Somewhere around 4 methinks. Woke up feeling like shit, hit the showers, got dressed in formal attire (yeah, I wore slacks and a shirt :D) and headed off to the place. My dad was driving since he knows his way around kl better than anyone in the house. But we got wrong directions from the website and we ended up going in circles for about an hour or so.

My dad being the hot tempered person he is, dove like a lunatic. Kept jerking the car with his constant breaking and sudden accelerating. I was sitting at the back of the car, hadn't had any breakfast yet. I eventually got carsick and threw up by the side of the road right before we reached the damned place.

Upon reaching, I was kinda surprised it looked quite pleasing. It's a nice place. And since it's an art school, I saw all these kinds of people around, with big hair strutting their guitar bags, dancers in their tight outfits and some theater dudes practicing their lines outside the lecture halls. It was weird. But the good kind of weird. :D I liked it.

The first written test was awesome!! Kept asking me stuff that I know nothing about. Which involved stuff like list 4 kinds of traditional malay dances, and from which state do they originate from. So there I was in the lecture hall, flipping through the pages to find some questions that I COULD answer. There were some... But only 5 or 6 of about 50 questions. hoho!! Not a good start. I really, really thought that I was jinxed earlier today. Dah la sesat, lambat amik test, muntah2, sakit perut. All the worst case scenarios happened. But since I was already there I might as well just go through with it.

Next off was another test. Writing a story out of a storyboard. For this one, I was ummm.. relieved a bit. I thought I was gonna have to sketch the story board, rupenye for diploma level kene interpret the given story board je. Fuh! Leganye. Finally a break. XD

The last of the screening tests was a one to one.. or one to three rather, face to face interview with some of the lecturers of the film and video course. All three of them had their poker faces on. I couldn't read them, but thankfully I managed to get quite a good review from them. At least I think I did. Cuz they did mention that they we're interested in having me in their academy and to wait for their offer letter once they were done questioning me. :D I was happy weh! I made it!! Woohooo!!! Unbelieveable!!

Anyway, I really hope I get it. This place looks awesome. They have the facilities, they have the gear and real life experience and influence too. And the chicks. OMG. The chicks. Dancers man. I looove dancers. They're so hot. ahh.. I might just join some dance classes if i get in. lol!


Keyrana said...

seems like this aswara thang is really your shit. all the best!

Acap said...

hahahah!! man...
if you join the dance classes, you will turn to be a sissy...omg!! a yamakasi founder is a sissy man...argh~!!! scary!!!

A'a said...

i mcm nak apply gak kat aswara ni. hahaha! but hey, glad u did well. :D all the best ah meng!!

lolina. said...

just don't turn into one of the ASWARA pricks =/ i know a few.

because you know, doesn't matter which school you go to: if you're a jackass, being in an art school doesn't justify it: you're still a jackass.

just don't turn into one of those jackasses.

but in all seriousness:
good luck dawg.

Kuyem said...

aku tak paham,
nape ko apply aswara..?
nak jadi org seni/filem ke..?
but but but(siddiq) ko kan stuntman,
nak buat action movie ey..?
count me in..!!
i can choreograph fight scenes..!!

@Fr!^n@ said...

all the besh to u in Aswara..
will see ya up there..

cheerio amir.. :)

Amir Hamzah said...

thanks :D

don't worry. i'll still be me. but a much cooler me. hahaha!!

yes man!! action movies weh!! kat malaysia ni banyak talented people yang tak ditonjolkan. We should make more action movies!!

Aqil Mirza said...

good luck Amir! wat movies yg TOP untuk Malaysia!