Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Thinking of what I should wear tomorrow.

Spot Acap in the picture and win nothing!!

Ah.. Putrajaya.. Such a nice place. For parkour and for taking pictures too. Unfortunately there are some areas where the greenery isn't so pleasing. Went out to shoot my video, but some of the locations have these nasty trees that shouldn't even be there in the first place. They're not aesthetically complimenting the surroundings anyway. By this I mean the banana trees. Gile semak background aku!! Might have to find other spots tomorrow. I've got a vision of how this video is gonna look like once it's done. And pokok-pokok pisang in the background is not in it.

This is gonna be the longest video shoot I've ever done, and the most rigorous one too. Lots of repetition, but it's good training. So it's a win-win situation. :) I haven't had a proper break for a week, but my body seems to be able to cope with it so it looks like my training has been paying off. :D Speaking off training, I haven't done my before sleep 50 pushups rep.

Ok done with that. Looking forward for tomorrow. Hope them guys will be well rested. It's gonna be a long day. >:3 I'll shoot these guys first before I shoot my scenes. Still have to wait for Abudi to come back and Azam too tho. So, I hope these guys will be free this weekend.

Alrity, that's all for me now. More updates tomorrow. :3


Cat said...

50 reps pushups huh... ok! Just did 50 clapping pushups... in 1 mins and 39 secs =)

Top that one tomorrow nite please!


@Fr!^n@ said...

a very good effort on ur muncet tummy.. ;)

btw acap is in the middle of the picture try to act like superhero.. heee.. :)

A'a said...

haha acap diri ala-ala superhero. the picture wouldve been a lot nicer if the trees werent there. hahaha