Saturday, May 23, 2009

Another Kosmo Interview :D

Yes! and this time I made it :D But because of that, my flow video has been put on hold. Tomorrow's the last day Imma be able to shoot it. So hopefully it'll be done by then. Apart from the interview stuff and the photo session, we had a little tricking at the end of the day.

My application interview for Aswara is on Monday. Get this, I have to go thru a written test and an interview to get into this place. Woh! So exclusive meh? I wonder.. How the hell am I gonna get in? Seems pretty hard since they're having all this screens before taking in students. :O Me scared oh! If this doesn't work out then I'm gonna have to find another place :( Oh well.

And now I give u. Photos of today's attendees :D I think I got everyone except Abudi. Cuz he came in late and didn't make it in time for the interview. But it's okay tho. We'll have more of that in the future hopefully :)

The journalist, Mr. Adham

Alep the jackass

Ammar the attention whore

Abil the backflipping rempit

Azam the emo (quoting abudi)

Abil the backflipping rempit doing a backflip (obviously)

Me! and the camerawoman. :D I want a UWA too :O

Muril the dude with a dislocated shoulder

And lastly Acap. Gambar ko blur for some reason :O

As an ending note. I would like to divulge a bit into what I've been thinking about. I'm 24 years old this year. by no means a kid anymore. Yet here I am still fooling around doing the things that I want to do without really worrying what might happen in the future. It's crazy, but at the same time I'm thankful for it. Cuz I know that when I'm older and I'm talking about granpa old here. I'll be able to look back and not regret a thing. For many people, life is all about getting by. Study in school, graduate, work, get married, more work, see your kids grow up, work even harder, retire and then relax. There's no doubt that I'm gonna be going through that same process, but..... I guess.. I'm just gonna take my time.. You're only young once. I'm gonna make sure I put every ounce of that to make it worthwile. Which at the moment also includes... Patapon!! :D haha!!

Life is what you make of it. Sure it's full of shit and problems. I've had my share and it'd take something as thick as the lord of the rings novel to list it all down. But what I've learned is, to take the burden on my own shoulders. Everybody's got shit on their hands. They don't need me to add more on top of that. So yea, I'm just as messed up as everyone. But I manage to deal with it. Am I worried about my future? Sure, every fucking day (not much tho). But who doesn't right? But when you look at the big picture. What you've gone through or going through in your life. Some people have it far worse. So what's you're excuse?

Everyone lives.. But very few actually live life....

And now I go to sleep :D Oh yea, btw. KJER watches our videos! Wow!


siddiq said...

sbg cameraman yg berbakat besar, aku memahami knp gamba aku xde..haha

MuriL's Delinquent said...

siddiz touching!!..
but, knaper muker aku sedemikian rupa??

Keyrana said...

abudi is so childish for calling me emo for no reason. fuckin no!

NajmiE said...

when will the article about you guys come out?.. tomorrow kah?.. huhu..

some heartfelt words u got there.. but I guess u're right, we are only young once..

@Fr!^n@ said...

good luck for ya application to aswara,,,
all the besh.. (^.^)

A'a said...

hey, all the best with the application. i know you can do it amir! ;D

i datang kl we duet!!! :D -replying your comment on me bloggy. haha

Aqil Mirza said...

KOSMO interview ni bile nak keluar ? waa dah tak sabar nak tgk muke2 yg wat tricking ni.. :D

A'a said...

aaannddddd, what a wide smile amir!! hahaha iklan toothpaste ke ape? :P

siddiq said...

Kosmo interview ni maybe kuar selasa ni..

Keyrana said...

KJER wusha video kite yg mane satu?

Anonymous said...

azam pemalas! cr r sendiri!

Abudi Alsagoff said...

the training with muril video.
and yes, i feel you siddiz. your picture is not there :D cause you broke some tree branches. you're not green you sick fuck!

Keyrana said...

KJER komen mcm tak ikhlas jer. nak kene die ni. haha

Amir Hamzah said...

abudi!! i want to see new sick tricks when u balik for the weekends!!!!!