Wednesday, May 6, 2009

2009 ½

It's almost halfway into 2009 now. How time flies. I'm gonna try and upload the damn video again tonight and sleep through it. Hopefully it gets thru once I wake up tomorrow. Although it might ended getting disconnected some 12% or something thru as usual. pfft. Looking through the archives, I can't help but think about how I came around to starting this blog. :D Never thought it'd last this long.

It seems that I'm gonna be busy again from June till July. Another movie. I better work on my kicks. Dem. Malasnye. Hopefullly I don't have to do any of those nasty falls. Sakit wooo. That and wires. God, can't tell you guys how much I hate doing wirework. I guess I hate the fact that the production team can't even spend a little more for a spare costume for their stunt guy. I mean, I have to share the same clothes as the actors? Woot? Come on. And I hate having to double for a girl. Sheeet. Having to wear a wig and shit. Damn. Where are stuntwomen when u need them? XD I blame my small frame for that inconvenience.

But whatever it is. This one seems to be quite a long job. Looks like something around a month. Yikes. Once this is done with, I can probably get the whole Guitar Hero Band set :D yay! So that's one of the upsides. Now all I have to do is train.

Oh yea, I took a few photos earlier. My camera's getting dustier by the day. Haven't been using the guy for quite a while. And I came up with these. Ah. I just love textures. :) Don't you?

I love my monitor. :P

Tis a Rock Salt thing my mum got from JB. We've got like around 6 of these lying around the house.

I miss doing them artsy fartsy photos. But I'm so lazy nowadays to make the extra effort. sigh. Maybe sometime in the near future. I'll try to get my ass of this chair and get out of the house for a proper photo outing. :D


KUYEM said...

nice salt,
speaking bout jb,
brape bln lg ur father stay sini..?

lolina. said...

you should try sending your camera to the nikon center to get it checked and cleaned.

my friend went, and it turns out she had mold growing in her camera D;

@Fr!^n@ said...

i mish those photo u take when u r outing..
pic plzz.. ;) heeee..
lazy bum :P

gud luck for ya next movie.. ;)
hope that u tak kene men jatuh2 lagy...

btw.. besh pe share baju ngan actor.. ;) baru la ade gaya hero..
hero save the cheerleader, save the world.. eheheheh :P

A'a said...

you're gna be busy? what'll happen to our singapore trip? :(