Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Susahnye nak upload video!!!

So the vid from last saturday's training session is compiled. But I can't seem to get it uploaded cuz I keep getting disconnected. arrrgghh!!! This is frustrating. Abudi come get it and upload it man!!! I remade the vid. Shorter, smaller and cooler. Cuz I put in your awesome pullup bail. Hohohohoho!! and below a funny pictar from the previous week's KLCC session. :D


KUYEM said...

wee~~ lookin forward,
rindu weyh nak tgk video korang..!
since abudi injured dah lame korang tak kuar video baru.

Keyrana said...

kasik aku upload je la weh

lolina. said...

lol ammar's face what the freckles maaaannnn.

A'a said...

david bail magic 3!!!