Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Whoa! A Derecho!!

A Derecho (Pronounced De-Ray-Chi-yo) is a pretty wicked storm. It's pretty rare and we've recently got to see another one of these, well in we I meant, the poor saps in the US. So what is a Derecho you ask? Well it's kind of like a tornado, but even better! I mean worse. lolz. I mean who doesn't love tornadoes right? They look pretty awesome and a sure fire way for mother earth to show her human freeloaders who's boss. As awesome and destructive a tornado is, a Derecho beats the tornado hands down in epic coolness!

I got this from Yahoo! News. Cuz it's my homepage to make it easier for me to check my mail, and the little things they put on the page is pretty cool. So anyway back on topic, a tornado is pretty much really fast winds spinning in a circle right? Well the Derecho however is a pretty nasty 120mph wind that goes in a straight line which can reach out for hundreds of miles accross. So it's pretty much like a massive wall of surging winds that destroys everything in its path. :O Cool huh? Like something out of a movie. Thing is, that this storm is so rare that most of us don't even know such a thing exists. Heck if I saw it I might think it's judgement day or something.

So yea, just another sign that the world is heading for the dumps, unless we start doing something about it. People say we're reaching the end of time. But we don't really know yet. How can we know right? So the best thing to do is try to fix the problem, and I hope we manage to do that. Cuz I wanna live too have kids and grandkids too y'know.

And behold some piccies of the Derecho!!! This is the best that I could find. Cuz I malas. haha!!

And here's the link to the actual news clip. You can see the Derecho in motion! Wicked stuff. And they explain what it's all about too. Go check it out! Derecho news!


KUYEM said...

250 miles wide and 800 miles long what the..??!!

@Fr!^n@ said...

too fast to save urself or others... hope derecho tuh tak smpai malaysia.. ehuhuhuhu :P

cam dlm movie twister kot...

KUYEM said...

lagi teruk,
size die jauh lagi besar,
too wide and long for you to run,unless ade ability utk teleport mcm nightcrawler

A'a said...

holy shit! i have never learnt about this type of in geo! rare indeed. but somehow it looks awesome. =/

KUYEM said...

faking asam