Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The XBOX LIVESSSSSSS!!! wooohhooo!!!!

Woohooo!! I am now playing games in Full HD yo! FAKING ASAM!! With these new speakers, it's pretty wicked! woohoo!! Imma wait for ammar and restart resident evil 5. The AI partner is starting to piss me off. haha!!

A'a! I'm playing ur favorite gameeee. :P See see?? In the picture? I'm installing it to the hard drive. hehehehe :D:D:D:D:D


Hariz said...

Cool Man!!
Im so jealous!!!!!!!hahaha

lolina. said...

ni yg bikin gua panas!

A'a said...

ok i posted a comment before this but i dont know what happened to it. 0_o
anyhoos, no wonder la tak online. main RE5 tak ajak orang!! :(:(:(:( hahaha nanti, i datang kl, we play co-op, yes? :D:D:D

sweet_knk said...

gilek ar..
i guess u will become a game zombie in the near future hah??..

siddiq said...

makin jarang r ko training weh!! ilang six pax ko nnt wei!

FarA said...

omfg look at that thing.

ok pegi rumah u!