Saturday, April 11, 2009

Cyber Fusion!

Yes, a day where all the local geeks gather to spend three days wasting their lives away drinking redbull and staring at a computer screen.

Unless you're really a game enthusiast, this place won't interest you one bit. No chicks, no computer stuff, no cool games. woot!? All you can see are people with determination in their eyes to p4wn everyone else in the hall. Yes, I said p4wn! lol! man, leetspeek's so lame. get a life. Seriously man, when you bring a bantal busuk to a LAN party you officially have no life. You phail! prepare to be BAN!!!

anyway, so here are some pictars of us. We were bored out of our brains. Video will be uploaded soon. No tricks, old casts and full of pure crap. That's the tagline. Got you interested yet? I know you are. Don't deny it. hohohoho!!

So here they are! pictars!!!

Weee!!! Geek Convention!! And I'm sorry straggler on the left. But your sissy walking style is unforgiveable therefor your identity will be exposed for all to see!!! You just got served!

Siddiz suckz at L4D

Some people even forgot to wear their pants. It's common at this kinds of events. Identity kept anonymous cuz I'm a caring person. Yea, i do care. Really!!


A'a said...

pegi geek convention tak ajak orang!!! :(:( hahaha langsung takde chicks ke? :O im awesome then! haha female gamer. :D

sweet_knk said...

gilek besemangat!!..

lolina. said...

it's pwn. no srsly. it's pwn.
you phail at 1337 speak and interwebs lingo. gb2internet, newfag XD

...although being able to understand such language can mean one spends way too much time on the internet. specifically, 4chan T_T

Keyrana said...


baru cakap.wahaha