Friday, April 17, 2009

How do I unlock this? :\

I just finished RE5 on Amateur setting. Haha! Hey, at least I finished it this time. and for the record. This is the first Resident Evil game that I ever played till the end, and I might just be picking it up again pretty soon too. :D One of the main reason is because well, there are no longer the usual zombies, in fact this time they look pretty human. Crazy and rabid, but still relatively human like. They carry weapons, they wear decent clothes, they talk, and umm.. apart from that gross parasite thing that pops out after I blow their heads off it's pretty much like a normal third person shooter. Not to mention that the 2 main character, Chris and Sheva are kickass!!

So I finished it, and now I can start over with all my equipment still intact and with an unlimited ammo bonus. Oh yea, I also got new costumes for them both. A safari outfit for Chris and for Sheva, she's goin clubbin' with some zombies!! wooh!!

Now all I need to do is to get this other secret outfit for Sheva. I only found 1 emblem! WTF?? and I need 30 to unlock this? Sheeet...

Lol, the weird things you can find on the web. This is kinda funny actually. XD

Alrighty. Now I can get back to training. Eh wait.. Tomorrow ade jam session? Weee! Tomorrow training it is. hahaha!!


A'a said...

haha aiya resident evil 4 got not zombies as well la. the monsters looked like normal humans with axes and everything. ketara sangat tak main RE! XD chris is claire's brother btw. he was in the 1st resident evil. wayyy back during PS1 years. haha but i still think leon, carlos and jill the awesome-est! :D

lolina. said...

re: last picture
everybody needs a bosom for a pillow.