Monday, February 16, 2009

The new age of PKMY (Now 3RunMy)

Yep, as the title says, the board will get a major revamp and lots more still in the planning stages but will be put into action ASAP. It's gonna be one of the major updates that's gonna bring an impact this year. We're off to a good start. :D Stay tuned guys, it's only gonna get better. Much, much better. we have lots planned for the local free run scene. woohh!!

and checkout this masterful, skillfull artistic banner designed by abudi. So talented. I never knew he had such talent in designing and illustrations lol!!


lolina. said...

cantik banner XD

i wanna be in your crew!
...although i can't free run worth shit (yet?) but i can help with publicity muahaha. kata budak masscomm :p

A'a said...

hahaha nice banner abudi!!! :P

KUYEM said...

tahi suci..!!
lawa syial banner..?
tapi abudi buat ke..?
apsal tulis situ "siddiq"..?

3Run Malaysia said...

sebab siddiq the paint master!!!