Sunday, February 15, 2009

Lack of sleep..

Duckie says hi. Cuz amir is sleepwalking.

ps: this vid render i just finished will be the final product for the contest. For the youtube version, i'll re-do it from scratch. without the the narration. But it'll include every frickin' move that each of us can do, and most importantly, the shots will be directed by meeeee!! i want it to be awesome!!! argghhh!!! huargghhh!!! hopefully it fits under 5 minutes tho. :P and its gonna be as usual a combination of slow and normal speed. but locations will be in putrajaya. no grass. this one has no deadline, so there's no rush for it.


@Fr!^n@ said...

get enuf rest n cleep
all da besh dude.. ;)

Hariz said...

All de best!!
cant wait 4 de video!!
sure great 1!!
with ur edittin sumore!!

lolina. said...

you better be sleeping or else I'll smack the parkour right out of you.