Sunday, February 15, 2009

3 words...

1.not enough clips....
4.i wan sleep!!
5.tis suks ass!!
6.need shoot more!!
7.its fuckin' 2am!
8.ammar still gayut!!
9.vid not complete!!
10.2moro we shoot!!!

edit:- alrity i think i managed to pull it off. I rearranged some of the clips and umm. well it seems to work. Although I would've preferred that all of the clips were cinematic. But I guess this'll have to do for now. For the youtube version, I'll have to get more shots and more action. too bad the deadline for the contest is so soon. So now all i have to do is color correct them in AE and record the narration and try to sync it with the music and clips. and that's after i process the voice recording to get it to sound somewhat more professional. argghh!! and i got my grade 5 music trials tomorrow!! sheeett!! it's 3am!!! nooo!!! imma finish the color correction quick, render it out, and go back to vegas. oh sheeett!! wish me luck!! lol!! im not gonna have any sleep tonight im afraid. XD


Abudi Alsagoff said...

amir! amir! amir! gogogogogo..wait2, let me call them cheerleaders to cheer you up! owh noes, that'll be nightmares for all of us including u! NONONONO!hahahaaha...anyway, dude thanks for doing all this stuff man! I appreciate your work :D You are teh best editor!

lolina. said...

don't stress! (:

Hariz said...

Hey u shud get some sleep wey..
continue tmrw la..
all de best man!!