Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My other home in JB

As some of you already know. My dad works in JB now. So umm.. he kinda got a new place. It's empty tho since he just got it. I haven't seen it so I decided to tag along and checkout the place. If this place wasn't so far, I'd live here weyh! haha!! There's a pool, I've got free streamyx, my own room, air conditioning everywhere and its pretty secure too. Can't even call on the elevator without a key card. neato!

So here are some shots of the place.

So this is the living hall and dining area

And this is my very empty room at the moment. :P

And this is me doing a wallrun!! WOooh!!!

I still have a bit of the flu. and my badan is still sakit2 lol. So yea, that's about it for today. Gotta start designing the banner for the board now. :D


Nicholas Leong said...

I want a room too! :P

lolina. said...

kinda looks like a hotel.
a very. empty. hotel.
but whoa, big for an apartment.

Abudi Alsagoff said...

hey I remembered that not the wall run you did. You kicked the wall remember!?!?!?!? You flying kick that wall! You were angry at that kitten that bit me. And your flu that you have, so you go and kick the wall. you forgot eh?isk3..hghahahaha

KUYEM said...

the last photo,
mcm david belle dlm B13..!!
black pants,
black shoe,
short hair,
and half naked..!!

Hariz said...

Cool pic man!!!
Nice place u have in jb..
where is de place anywy..

KUYEM said...

yeah mann,
katne tu..?
pasir gudang..?
area mana..?
hotel selesa ..?? LOL

Amir Hamzah said...

haha!! no no. not at hotel selesa anymore. At Seri Alam, the country towers. :D:D:D:D pool tricking wehhh!!!!

@Fr!^n@ said...

such a nice house..;)
leh tumpang mandi ade pool..
ahahahaha :P

Paras|te said...

Who's apartment is that? I didn't know ur family have a new apartment. Congrats! XD