Friday, January 9, 2009

Magibon woott???

So I was playing with vegas and ae till late again last nite. And in between renderings that took up to 1 hour on some, I decided to do some youtube surfing. So I was viewing the stuff in the recently favorited from my buddies and somehow ended up finding Magibon. At first I thought it was just some youtube slang. So after finding the word "Magibon" on some of the video descriptions of some vloggers I decided I should find out what this Magibon really is.

Magibon. Search. Voila!! this popped up.

Haha! kinda cute really. Her voice however kinda was a bit weird for me at first but I'm okay with it now. Okay so what is this actually? Well I don't really know. Apparently this is one of the longer vids on her channel. The rest of them shows her doing this. Check it out.

Yeppers. Most of her vids are of her doing stuff like that. For some reason I kept on clicking the rest of her videos. LOL!! Did some googling, and found some of her stuff on WIKI by some really angered and jealous individuals. She's pretty fugly in real life due to her really prominent chin and nasty teeth that she tried really hard to hide. But that's besides the point. Point is, she managed to gather so many audience on youtube and even managed to get invited to be interviewed on a show in Japan. Just goes to show how important camera angles and lighting is. Wooh!! having being an amateur photographer for a while now I really, really understand the science of this kinda fugly to very kawaiii transformation through a camera lens. Good job I say! haha!!

Oh did I mention that she's not even asian? Yeppers, in fact she's american and lives in Pensylvania. Stalk much? Yea, I do when I feel the need to. XD And ummm what else. Oh yeah. She's hated by girls everywhere on youtube. Come on girls, just because she has more subscribers and hits than you doesn't mean you have to bring her down. Stop being bitches and keep doing your lame vlogs that people don't really care about. Yeah, you read right. Don't pretend that you have no clue that the reason people keep coming back is because of your heavy make-up, blow dried hair, and most importantly, CLEAVAGE!! Yep. One of the most important aspect for female vloggers on youtube to consider when uploading videos there. Oh it doesn't work if you're fugly or fat or too thin or have no boobies either. But don't worry tho, we have all kinds of ways to fix that. Be creative, be adventurous, explore the magic of video editting and practice in front of the mirror to make sure you show your best angles and expressions at all times.

Wooh!! Okay so that about wraps it for today and before I end this. If you're a Magibon hater but look like this. Im okay widdit. hahaha!!



KUYEM said...

otaku loves this..!!

siddiq said...

hahaha~ x silap aku dulu aku ade subscribe die gune account susuralley..hahahah~

Hariz said...

Damn she is fine!!Lol!!

Kevin said...

I have watched Magibon on that Japan show and she is NOT fugly. She is very sexy face to me and that is wit her bad teeth and all - she is actually above average in natural beauty. Most girls are not as pretty as her and those that are cannot match Magibon's sweetness, charm and innocence. That's why I love Magibon.

A'a said...

yeah she's cute.

ロザリザ said...

hahaha.i only knew bout this magibon yesterday. same as you i was like so eager to fnd out more and more bout her.

her eyes are to die for.