Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Storage Woes..

In a world that's extremely dependent on technology. Everything seems to be stored in 0's and 1's nowadays. I can still remember the day I got my first computer. I think it was windows 95. I was really amazed of this thing and what it could do. Being a kid with such strong curiosity I figured I should explore this new thing, and of course I ended up deleting some files that weren't meant to be deleted. Which in the end resulted in the computer failing to boot. I gotta remind you guys, back then we don't have windows dvds selling at 5 bucks a pop. Everything was Genuine, god forbid. But back then it wasn't as expensive as it is today. Software today are so ridiculously priced that it's not hard to see why people are resorting to piracy. I mean seriously, who would pay up to 500 bucks and more for a piece of software??

And of course, with the advent of newer and better software and the plethora of media that we store in our pc's. We are now burdened by a new dilemma, which is storage space. Yep. It's come to that. Back then my computer only had 8mb of ram and 1gig of hard drive space. Wooh!! Now I have 2gigs of ram, a 2.4gig processor and 480gigs of hard disk space!!! Yeps. 480gigs yo! And I still think it's nowhere near enough. I've been running on this crappy 40gig samsung drive since I got this rig. It's slow, it's small but it works tho. Even after almost 5 years I think.

It used to be games before it turned into music and afterwards, software hoarding. Recently tho, I got myself interested in photography which in turn since I got into the hobby about 1 year ago I have collected over 50gigs worth of pics. Woohoo!!! What an accomplishment!! haha!! But!!!! The most recent development has been video editting. Ever since we got ourselves a HD cam, I had to learn about video editting from scratch. Everything from AVCHD file formats, apps that can render it and support it natively, the best settings to view it on youtube at the smallest possible size and color correcting video footage. I've still got a long way to go, but I think my experience in photography and photoshop has helped me a lot in getting a grasp of filmography and editing.

So now, after about a coupla weeks of being into film. I've accumulated about 20gigs of stuff. And that's after I've deleted a lot of the clips. Which is a pain since the AVCHD format is not really user friendly. My rig can't run the clips smoothly since they're in Full HD which is 1920 x 1080. Heck the maximum resoltion of my monitor is only 1280x1024. And its square! not wide! arghh!! I need a new screen, and a new rig for that matter. hahaha!! Editting avchd is a real pain. Since its always lagging. But I got used to it already.

I just installed After Effects CS4. I really don't have a clue on how to use it yet. But hopefully in a few weeks I'd be able to pull off a few tricks with it. Till then, wait for the Youth '09 event crashing footage and pics soon. Till then. Laters!! :D


KUYEM said...

so now I understand why video 3run happy new year yg aku download in full hd tu stuck while playin in my pc

Nicholas Leong said...

Used to be not enough photo albums. And they were cheaper too :P

Anonymous said...

Spot me in the new upcoming youth '09 video in every scene possible and win BIG!!!