Friday, January 16, 2009

Back to Photography and Photoshop

It's been a while since I really experimented with photoshop. This week's been pretty stale so I took out my camera and stuffed the files into my comp. I installed Photoshop CS4 when I reformatted my computer. I also installed the new Lucisart 3. But unfortunately it fucked up again and the only way that I know of to fix it is to reformat my computer again. WTF? No thank you. Besides, I've been relying on that stupid plugin too much anyway. Time to venture into new things. Time to experiment.

So as you know, the new photoshop has got some issues with some older plugins. So I ended up not using any of my old plugins that I use for my usual workflow. Instead, I think I wanna try out stuff from scratch without any more plugins and really explore more of Photoshop.

So here are the recent ones that I did. I really had no clue how the end result was gonna be like when I started with these. But they turned out pretty cool. So, I'm hoping I'll be getting more and more of these weird artworks in the future. :D Thanks for viewing. Laters!

Oh yea, and look out for future After Effects works later. I've been studying it for almost two weeks now. It's really amazing stuff. Can't wait to experiment with it. :D


@Fr!^n@ said...

again.. its u n amar..
heee.. ;)

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afrina tu bukan amar lah. tu icad.(irsyad)