Thursday, December 4, 2008

Prelude to Monster Flowers

So here it is. This place is called Cactus Valley. Apart from the usual cacti u can find here, they also grow these really2 cool plants and flowers. It's fascinating seeing all the different species of these things. The atmosphere is so calming. A really nice place to bring your girl to. :P

The only thing I'm not cool with is the rate of development here. Parts of Cameron Highlands have become filled with really bad architecture and junk to say the least. The town they built at Brinchang is ridiculous. Talk about bad city planning and the architecture, omg, the architecure is a worse version of Kajang. And yes, this was where we were staying at. The view from my room is pretty nasty. There was this huge construction site right smack in front my room. If you look down, you can see a petrol station, a police station an ugly ass flat and a pasar malam along the stretch of the road where they play 80s and 90s music all night long.... Hmmm backstreet boys anyone? LOL!!

I didn't take any pictures of the ugliness. But I did take pictures from cactus valley tho. It's just behind the hotel where we were staying at. The road leading there is as usual, a very narrow one lane stretch of bumpy road leading up a very steep slope. Most of the roads here are like that. If you have a kancil, then I'd suggest you empty your car if there are fat people innit. Or else you might just end up with a dead engine. :P

To get into the place, you have to pay Rm4 for 1 adult ticket. Rm2 for kiddies. At first I thought that it was kind of expensive. I mean, its 4 bucks man. 4 bucks just to see some lame plants? But my curiosity got the best of me and my mum so we got ourselves a ticket each and went in. We walked through a stall selling tiny2 cacti. I was already thinking that this was a complete waste of money, but as I looked up I saw that this place goes higher and that it covered both sides of the hill side.

As I went up I got a glimpse of these lanterns. They had these translucent roofs covering the whole place. The diffused light gave a really nice atmosphere to the surroundings.

These were some of the flowers that you'll never see bloom this much or in this big a bunch down here.

This is a really cool tree. I just had to take a picture of this thing. It's just simply weird looking.

Ah! and here we have my paparazzi shot of a pretty asian girl taking some cactus photos on her phone. I call her, Cactus Girl. lol!! I wonder if she's cold wearing just that dress. Only had a split second for this stalker shot. Wanted to frame her down to her feet actually, I managed to take 2 shots and this was the best of the two.

More flower photos to come soon. This time, my specialty. Flower close-ups!!! :D:D:D:D It's already 5:15 am. Lepak-ed with Abidu and Muril til 4am just now at the local mamak outlet. A good way to waste time. haha!! lotsa fun. So till tomorrow. Have a good night. :)

To be continued.....


Abudi Alsagoff said...

First to comment! Shows that I havent slept from yesterday fun chill out !! :D :D :D

Nicholas Leong said...

Lol :P Why? You would like to keep her warm? Hahah where are the cactus!? :P

izzyzatt said...

wow~~~nice pics!haha!!waiting for moreeeee...i didnt go to the cactus valley that u went, coz most of the places that i went to were FREE!!hahaha~ehm~~~~n y dont u play with purple water????it was VERY nice!!haha~

the asian girl: HOT! haha!i guess that is why she is not cold. lalala~

Amir Hamzah said...

lol zio!! XD Cactus coming up!! lots of soft shots lah i took. :( so sad.

SETO said...

ahhh...nice pix...nak sain!! haha!