Thursday, December 4, 2008

Giant Mutant Flowers Phail :'(

It looks like due to my excitement of shooting the flowers I forgot to focus properly or chimp properly even. Yes, I'm a chimper. If you don't want to chimp then better not get a DSLR lah fools!!! Yes I am also against these stupid movements that people start trying to be different and starting a trend. WTF? Tak Nak Chimping?? Gile loser. U pay for the convenience, why not use it? pffftt.. Ok enuff of that. Hahaha!! I got carried away again. It's just that I don't like pop culture stuff that has no benefits. Like rempit and shuffling. WTF la malaysia. Malu wey when my relatives come from Singapore. Inikah Malaysia?? :O

So back to the main topic. The Giant Mutant Flowers or GMF for short have turned up to be of rather unsatisfactory to my standards. And for some reason the shots of weeds made it thru tho. haha!! So I'm sorry guys and gals, there will be no GMFs :( So sad. But! I do have other shots for you of Cameron Highland for you. :D I edited them all just now. Didn't have to do much which made for a rather speedy processing.

So all of the flower shots came out something like this but much2 more blurred. I'm mostly in Aperture priority, so I kinda forgot about the shutter speed. Meh!

Ah! this one is specially for Zio. Here's your cactus. A very ugly ass one at that. haha!!

Yep, weeds. Gotta love 'em. They're everywhere. XD

One more!! I wonder why these guys made it and not the pretty flowers. :(

Another shot of the Boh plantation. So nice. So pretty :D

When you go to any of these farms you'll most probably pass by some chinese dudettes or dudes selling strawberries. They'll be going like "Stobeli! Stobeli!" :D haha!! kinda cute.

Yes! another one for Zio. lol I didn't really arrange these pictures in any order. :P

More of Stobeli!!

A tea guy! My dad was driving too fast and I only got a few shots in. :D

And that's all I have for now. Next post. Family shots! :D I didn't take much tho. Let's see how this goes.

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Nicholas Leong said...

Ah hah! Cactus! :D Though the 2nd shot cactus shot looks obscene. :P

Lol and you fail not because you didn't chimp! You didn't pay attention to the numbers in ur VF! :P