Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Back from Cameron Highlands!!

Ish! panasnye Bangi nih. Tak macam Cameron highlands. Sejukkkk. <<--poyo lebey haha!!

It was kinda fun actually. Can't remember exactly the last time I went up there. But I do remember that I was really2 young. Things have changed a bit up there. A lot of new developments and a lot and I mean a lot of strawberry farms. On the way up we chilled at this little tea house and I met this little doggie. It's so cuuttee!! argghhh!!! If I could bela dogs I would've taken this guy home already. He's like a terbantut punye doggie. Kinda like my cat chicken ball. It's friendly too. Kept on jalan2 and following kids around. This is the doggie. :D

Unfortunately for me and the rest of the family, we were tricked by some wicked false advertising. We stayed at this really sucky apartment hotel place which I can't even remember the name even though I just got back today. In the brochures they had all these King sized beds with fancy beddings and all that shit. But in reality it was just a couple of single beds pushed together. WTF?? And these are the suites!!! HAHAHAHA~!!! On top of that, the main door has this stupid note saying - Do not lock when going out - WTF??? And FYI, no, it doesn't lock itself automatically when you close it. WTF WTF??? Nak curik barang lah tuh.

The place doesn't have a stove, plates, or any silverware. Hmmmm... okay. So that's that. Next off!! the bathrooms, well mine anyway. The water heater only works for about oh 2 minutes. After that the water turns ice cold!!!! WTF!!??? I almost froze to death in the bathroom!! <<-- exaggerate lebey je nih. But still it's cold lah!!! gile ke mandi sejuk2 kat tempat sejuk. Insane! The lights in the bedroom got short circuited on the last day. And at night for the 2 nights we were there, you can hear sounds like people moving furniture on the upper floor. At 2.30 am on both nights. Ghosts maybe??? I dunno. lolz Oh yea I forgot to mention that we ordered an extra bed. It was 30 bucks and all we got was a thin mattress cam kat hostel tuh and selimut. WTF!!!??? Gile mahal!!! Bodo punye hotel. The good side is that the apartment is huge!! 4 rooms and all the rooms are huge. The living space is also huge. Can fit 30 people I think. :P But despite the hotel being a real dump, I had a really good time taking photos tho. We went to this really huge flower cultivating place I dunno what the correct term is. haha! And the flowers there are huge!! Like monster size!! Mutant flowers I tell you. I dunno what they feed these things but I'm pretty sure it's not cow shit. Lots of very exotic plants that I've never seen before. I'll process them later for you to see.

Now this is the Boh Tea Plantation. It's a really pretty place to say the least. The hills are covered in tea plants. So pretty!!! I don't travel much, not even within Malaysia itself. So this was a pretty cool experience for me. Gonna try to kumpul some cash to travel the world. Well at least, a few parts of it anyway. Mahal tu wehh!! haha!!

Oh yea I forgot to mention. The above picture is taken at the very top of the lookout point. It's really really high up. A few hundred stairs up. There's a really nice tricking spot at the top. The grass were so thick and soft omg!! I could bail my roback the way I did when I broke my arm and get away with it up here. Its such an awesome place for a tricking vid!! arghhh!!!!!

Then there's this really cool looking shack. Mum went in. I'll post a photo of that later. Haha!! She had a great time there as well. With all the plants and the views. Definitely her thing. Tried to HDR this but the lighting was pretty flat. So I decided to turn it to a B&W photo. Looks pretty cool too I think. :P

And I just got a call from Abidu. Gonna hit the gym in a bit. Gotta work on my fitness yo!! Gotta work on my abs too and my arm strength!! argghh!!! My handstand!!! more piccies later!! :D


@Fr!^n@ said...

what a pity of u guys having a vacation like that... hmmm... sian dye... btw that lil boy is cute tho... ;) a very damn nice picture.. :> pssttt... i knew someone here have the same name like urs... (-.-)

Abudi Alsagoff said...

where tricking spot!! Moarrr!!

Amir Hamzah said...

someone there has the same name like me? :O i bet he's not as cool as me tho. :P hehehe!!