Saturday, October 18, 2008

Monumen Alaf Baru

Another consecutive tricking session was held today. It was an impromptu session too. After heading to Qayyim's open house and had some nice makan2 and movie watching session, we went for a bit of training session at the field near his place. I finally know where his house is after over 3 years knowing him! hahaha!!

But the place was wet and Azam had a nasty wallflip bail. Scratch that, it was a tree flip gone wrong and he landed on his head. Didn't get to see that tho. Too bad really. :P So we decided to go to Putrajaya instead. Qayyim had to stay behind due to his leg injury and cuz he had relatives coming over later too. But it's okay. Next week's jam should be more than enough for him to belasah habis-habisan!! XD

Went with three cars but there were only 6 of us. Hmmm.. talk about petrol wastage and not to mention the environmental hazard contribution that comes along with it. :P It was around 5 and people were rushing back from work. Traffic jams all the way and in the end we arrived around 6. Effectively making it a ONE HOUR drive from Bangi to Putrajaya. WTF!!!??

When we arrived the weather was great and there weren't that many people around. Great!! Despite being a bit sore all over I couldn't pass out on a good tricking session. hehe!! It's just too fun to just sit it out. Although I shouldn't really be doing any tricking for at least another 5 months. But I did it anyway. And a lot too. hohohoho!!

Took a lot of pictures. Gonna process them later tonight or tomorrow. There are a lot of really good shots from today's session. And a few really funny ones as well. And of course. Tonnes of unusable shots destined for the recycle bin. :D I'm really beat at the moment. Had a really busy month. Raya and everything. And tomorrow's the KL Photography Festival at Times Square. I'm not sure whether I'm gonna go or not. Hmmm.. Penat lah. But I want to go check it out tho. Maybe if I wake up early. :P

Oh and before I end today's blog post. I happened to pass upon a super duper awesome blog post dedicated to me!! :D:D:D:D Which is really sweet actually. :P Thanks a lot babe and don't worry u've got a really nice voice, u can sing my song anytime ;) Lotsa love and stay cooool!! :) here's the vid.


Nicholas Leong said...

nice silhoutte shot there :) And wah seh, girlfriend show off love now lah.. want to make the whole world jealous now lah :P

A'a said...

hahah girlfriend? rofl :P

Abudi Alsagoff said...

stay cool..i'm cool XD hahaha

A'a said...

stay cool car pool haha