Sunday, October 19, 2008

The good and the bad. Let's have the good first. :D

Today was an interesting day and tiring too. I went to the Kuala Lumpur Photography Festival at Times Square just because I've never been to one of these. At least not when I had my camera with me.

I woke up quite early today. 11am. Yep. As they say, the early bird gets the worm. And if I were a bird, I'd probably end up as dead hungry bird. haha!! So anyway, I had to commute to get there since I can't drive still. Had my awesome Pink/White striped Baleno shirt on. My Levi's that I stole from my brother, and of course my super duper cool white with silver Adidas sneakers too. Stuffed all my gear into my flipside, strapped on and I was out!

The journey took me about an hour. Not bad, at least there weren't as many people if I had gone on Saturday instead. I had my camera on hand, but I had my 50mm on. Hmmm... My manualling is still not as fast for me to shoot people at random. And it's nowhere near long enough to give me some anonimity. So it stayed strapped on my neck for the whole trip there. hehehe!! Wanted to shoot the crowd in the commuter. I would've if I was with at least another buddy. But alone, it'd attract unwanted attention and not to mention stares. And the trip was not a short one too. :P

Okay, so after the uneventful journey I finally arrived at Times Square. And the story begins....TOMORROW!! haha!! For today we have yesterday's Tricking session photos posted up. And be prepared for some funny ass cracking pics that was also from yesterday's tricking session to be posted up tomorrow as well. Acappuddin didn't join in the fun during the low light tricking and photo session tho. Neither did I. Siddiq came all the way and didn't do anything. ceh! I only realized that when I got home and reviewed the pics. Not even a cartwheel!! wooot!! I can't believe this guy. Very not cool. hahaha!

Qayyim, even after a while without training, still got it in him.

Abudi control ayu. haha!!

Yes, Azam's jackassness never ceases to amuse me. And this time he didn't bail! woohh!!

Ammar showing off his moves and his tiny and no muscle arms. ptuih!!

Azam's jackassness at work again. A standing backfull this time. :D

Hmmm.. I don't know what to say about this one. You be the judge. Ptuih. :P

And lastly. Our very own Malaysian Spiderman!!! OMG!!!

Unfortunately that is all for today. But stay tuned for tomorrow's post of Amir's KLPF coverage. And some photos to go along with it. I actually have a few photos that are useable from the trip!! XD alright till tomorrow. Stay cool, Car pool. Gotta play our part to save the planet yo!


A'a said...

why arent you in any of the picture? :P

Amir Hamzah said...

oohh!! it was dark. i can't risk bailing. :P

Abudi Alsagoff said...

He did a gainerfull..I saw~ while wearing his bag full of his camera gears.. I know2..he's just being humble.. :)) ROFL

A'a said...