Monday, October 20, 2008

Kuala Lumpur Photography Festival (KLPF)


I arrived at Times Square and as I reached the entrance there was another event going on. Which was a Perodua Myvi rally thing I think. Hmm... And I passed by one of the KLPF models. Probably heading back home. So pretty until I forgot to snap any paparazzi shots of her. demmit! :P

So the Myvi event was pretty bland, no babes no crowds. Kinda boring. I'm thinking maybe cuz people weren't really interested in Myvis. lol! But I did see a few photographers or dudes with cameras rather taking photos of some of these rides. Hehehe!! kinda funny. They look so serious. :P

So after the not so very happening scene at the entrance, it was time to head on in to the main event. The KLPF! weee!!! or so I thought. This was the first photography event that I really made an effort of going to. I used to just stumble upon these things by accident while chillin' at some malls. I had my 50mm on cuz I know that my kit and cheap tele won't be any good indoors. I wanted to keep the shots at ISO 400 at the most.

So heading on inside, I circled the ground floor checking the place out from above. Hmmm... It wasn't as big as I thought it was gonna be. It looked pretty cramped down there. After checking the whole 360 view from the top, I went downstairs. :D

Strolled around the main event hall a few times, and checking out the prices of stuff. Not so cheap. In fact it was kind of expensive. :O Not that I had any money at the time to buy these things anyway. hehe!! After a while I saw something going on at Sony's booth. And Sony being Sony, had the biggest booth around. With giant LCD screens around it. Ceh! showoff!!

So there was a dude with a vid cam taping this thing that was going. So I came closer to check it out. There were a coupla celebrities. yay!! I didn't know what they were saying cuz I was too busy concentrating on my manual focus. hohoho!! Took a few shots and I got this one that stood out from the bunch. I got another dude's flash in my shot. Kinda adds to the mood of the scene a lot. :D I just wanna say thanks to the dude with the flash. XD

Pleased with my shots, since I would never get anything near this good indoors with my kit lens. I was very-very satisfied. :p After some pusing-pusing and checking out the other brands' booth. (Nikon Forever!!) I finally came to rest at Nikon's booth. Hmmm... there was a queue going on. From people trying out the D700 and the D3. And the lenses mounted on them are MONSTERS!! I actually stood at the back thinking whether or not I should give it a try. I know it was gonna give me some degree of inferiority complex if I did. But I went on and tried them anyway.... FUCK!!!!!! NOW THESE ARE CAMERAS!!! after a few minutes that felt like hours with the cams. With a sigh, I slowy walked a distance away from the booth. My legs felt heavy as lead. I took another last look at the cameras, and with mine took a coupla shots of the big boys toys.

Yep.. My camera feels like a toy compared to them. But nevertheless. It's still awesome. hehe!! I'll get one of those babies someday. With my own cash. Roarrrghhh!!!

Feeling a little hungry I decided to find something to eat. Yea I know, dah la I was feeling down after testing those cameras. On top of that I had to eat alone. :( :( It was a very sad moment for me. :P So I headed off to the escalator and there were other mini booths on the way. The first one that I came across had this lightbox thing. I don't know what it's called, on display. So I took a shot of that. But for some reason I got this ugly blue tint on mine. Damn ugly. Maybe I should've over exposed a bit. But oh well.

I even passed by the Photomalaysia Booth. So small. :P And I saw a few photos on display that were on the board. Pretty cool. And as I turned my head, I saw a group of dudes with big cameras. Ooohh!! could it be? could it?? It could've only meant one thing. A model shoot. hahaha!! This was my first time actually trying to get into the heat of the action. But it was too crowded and with my 50mm I had to be right smack in front of the pretty lady to get a proper framing that wouldn't need any cropping. After going around in circles to find a spot for me. I managed to grab hold of a little space on the sidelines and took one shot. Yeps. Only one. Cuz it was pointless taking any more if this was the only position I could move around in. Pffffttt..

Not too shabby for a first try huh? :P Had to crop a lot out of this shot to get a proper framing. And the lighting was all ambient. Weee!! Love my 50mm. I must've said that a million times already. After being in the model shooting atmosphere, I can safely say that I understand why so called photographers like it so much. What's not to like? You have a hot chick posing for you. Looking at you if you're lucky :P and your shots almost always ends up automatically good because the chick is hot!! Provided as I said, if the chick is hot and knows how to pose tho. hehe!!

After my dose of model shooting, it was time to makan. I went to the usual fast food joints. But they were all full of fools!! haha!! 20 minutes or so of hardcore walking. I ended up having some Tom Yam Ramen thing at Mr. Ramen or whatever the name of the joint is. It was pretty good. They gave me a pair of chopsticks. I don't really know how to use them. But it was good practice. :D

Now it was already 4-5-ish. I was already tired. Went to check on the event again from the ground floor. I was in time to check out the Model Shootout Competition results. This time the crowd was insaney packed. WTF??? What is dis?? OMG!! Holy monkey crap!! So many people!! I never really liked crowded places. I feel a bit claustraphobic in these kinds of atmosphere. In malay we refer to this as "semak". :P

I didn't know it would be this crowded. Very hardcore these people. Salute these people cuz they can endure all the pushing and head blocking and the body odors just for a few shots of models strutting on stage. Woohhh!!! Gotta love ze models' mystique on photographers. After taking these shots. I headed back home.

I didn't mention about the talks tho. Cuz the way they presented themselves. Well... Not to sound offensive, but at least show some class la. At least stand up straight, explain it in proper grammatical sentences. Not like pasar malam rojak english. Talk talk oso like dis wan. How can people take you seriously?

Class and poise. Seriously. Prepare something weyy!! Don't just wing it.

All in all it was fun. I got my own dose of Full Frame poison and the wicked lenses, and some very decent shots from the event. Woooh!!! Next time, I'll bring a friend to torture. hahaha!!


Neo said...

Wow, nice model shot! Although only one, but really nice! :)

Keyrana said...

in someway, i think you're a camera nerd! longest post setakat ni.keep it up the syok sendiri!best2..asl x ajk weyh?haha

Amir Hamzah said...

thanx neo. and yesh i am a camera nerd. Giler arh, ko kene test camera2 besar tu weh. they're insane!!

Abudi Alsagoff said...

wow that model must've missed looking at your cute little toy man!
She's looking at the bigger ones!!
Ahh, chicks these days, materialism materialism...hahahhaa

Nicholas Leong said...

Eh I posted a comment and it wasn't published!!!

The celebrities were there as part of Sony's new reality program for photographers. You should have auditioned for it ma, they were having auditions over the two days.

Winner gets to win Sony Alpha 900, a complete range of Zeiss lenses and complete studio equipment. Then you also get to shoot for the cover of a car magazine.

Amir Hamzah said...

oh my god!!!! You serious!!??? I can't believe I missed it!!! And I was already there!!!! the prizes are insane!:(:(:(