Sunday, July 13, 2008

RTM Interview

It seems that I finally can rest now that everything's over with at least so far. I can safely say that I can't train for a while now. Cuz I think I've pushed myself to the limit. Seriously, I've never reached to a point where I can't do anything anymore. haha!! So I'm gonna rest for a bit.

Yesterday morning was the RTM interview and shoot. The hosts were pretty fun and friendly too. We came at about a few minutes after 11 and Abudi "the leg" was already there. So punctual. rofl.

Surprisingly I've been getting some decent sleep these past few days. Most probably because I was too tired to keep myself awake at night. XD So I managed to wake up quite early as a result. So anyway, the RTM crew arrived a few minutes later and it kinda started off pretty imeediately. These guys are pretty efficient. I like that :D

Some funny things happened by the way. The hosts keep mixing up my name with Ammars'. In the last one we did they actually referred to me as Ammar. I'm not sure whether they're gonna dub it over or what. But it doesn't really matter. Its funny tho. haha!! Watch out for that. :D

We went down to business and did our warm ups. Its been a while since we actually trained parkour at TTC, and I did some catching up on my parkour while before the actual filming. It wasn't too hard actually. I guess the combination of adrenaline and the training really paid off and I'm really looking forward to this once its aired. We did some really sick moves and It was a good day in all. So it's gonna be aired on this saturday 19.07.08 on 11.05am TV1. :p Watch it people!!

Here are some of the pics of that day.

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The coolness~hjahaha said...

in any of the occasions, you say it..Why it's me that's always not in the picture??? :( I hate it when i'm being out of the picture XD