Tuesday, July 15, 2008


I've been in the songwriting mood all week. All thanks to my research of the local music scene. Well, at least the acoustic side anyway, and I found out that we have some really great talents around but who just aren't mainstream. I'm really inspired now knowing this. My brain's been going into overdrive and I'm recording everything I can at the moment for future reference. So for those out there who wonder how it pretty much looks like when I'm in music mode. I've generously shot this excellent shot of myself lol! I think I look pretty good considering that I haven't taken a shower yet when I shot this. XD But yea, I've got some new material and I'm gonna see where this is gonna take me. Stay tuned :D

It's 12.55am. I took this shot a few hours back and I tried to force my cats' face to the light there but she didn't want to co-operate. grrr... It's hard to find good help nowadays. So instead, I just used my hand. Which turned out pretty good. It's been a while since I put any considerable work on my photos. It's fun getting to do this once in a while. :D I'm gonna sleep in a bit after I upload these on my flickr. aites. later!

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surrexia said...

i like the last photo :)