Monday, July 28, 2008

Model Shoot

Good morning!!! It's 3am and I still can't sleep. Well actually I was asleep but then I woke up sometime around 1 and couldn't fall back to sleep since. And my new friend from lyn was already asleep I guess so I decided to take some photos of my super cool arm to fill the time. How many times did I use the word sleep? :O anyway-

It wasn't easy tho. I had to accomplish massive feats of mundane tasks before I got the chance to even snap anything. First off!! Its nighttime, I'm indoors n the lighting sucked so I had no choice but to use my flash unit. Had to scavenge my only 4 rechargeable batteries in the house. A couple from my xbox 360 controller and another two from my battery operated hand vacuum for my camera equipment.

Once I got those out and after painstakingly fitting them to my flash comes the hard part. Fixing my camera to my tripod *gasp*. I just wanna say that this is one of those rare occasions where I'm thankful that I'm miskin cuz my cheap, small and lightweight D40 allowed me to handle it with just one arm albeit with a lot of difficulty still. If it were any other dslr, I don't think I would even bother.

So next off!! after mounting it to my tripod, setting it to remote, I took some shots and they sucked. wee. So I thought to myself, fuck the tripod! I'll just use my good arm and took some shots of my not so good arm from various angles. This technique should be very familiar to those who are masters of the Myspace pls comment my new profile pic style of photography of which they use the very same method but instead of taking pictures of my mug, I took shots of my arm instead..

After the brief photoshoot, in which only 5 made it from the camera and further trimmed down to 3, I did some of my post processing shit to get some decent pictures. And after two hours of toiling in front of my pc here are the results. yay!!

This is my arm and the cast. It's still a virgin, no conteng2 whatsoever, so I decided to give it some of that street style. At least its somewthng to keep the attention away from awesome thighs. XD

My arm from another angle. I can't really move them without feeling any pain. So 99% of the time they are in this position. :(

And finally the most important family member of my room. My beloved pc. It's been with me for more than 3 years. Upgraded a coupla times. Although it doesn't have those high specs configurations. It rocks regardless. and yeah my leg is in this one too.

Now that this is up. I'm gonna try and get some sleep. I've got a doctor's appointment tomorrow. Hopefully no complications with my arm. :) okay. till next time. Goodnight ppls.

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Iced Nyior said...

I see jacob biscuits (the yellow tin) down there. midnight snack ahh? :P lol

get well soon. kasian tul kenot fap :P