Sunday, July 27, 2008

One-handed awesomeness!!

It was cloudy and dark. Coupled with my superior one-handed photography skills I managed to take a lot of under-exposed shots. For some reason the auto WB from my D40 failed me today and the background scenery added that extra oomph! to make all my shots for today pretty darn crappy. sweet!

So anyway the guys didn't seem to be in the mood to trick. All I got to see were handstands and cartwheels woot?? But those were the only action moves I could take with a 1/40 shutterspeed anyway. haha!

Managed to get some candid gay poses of some of the unlucky ones. Photoshop tomorrow morning and upload to pkmy ROFL!!

Didn't do much today other than that brief outing. Gonna eat some chicken before I go to bed, spent quite a while trying to salvage some of today's photos. Still quite a few to go thru. Will work on them tomorrow. I got all the time in the world now. :( somehow that sounds depressing.

So here are some upside down pics.

Abudi can aerial??? what about the torn meniscus? healed?? not fair!! I'm still OKU!!

This is my little brother Ammar. Such a noob

Ammar doing a handstand sambil menggigil2. Tak larat la tuh. noob haha!!

While those monkeys were "training" (membuang masa is more precise) I chilled on the side with my broken arm and smoked a fag.

Yep thats al for today. Now where's my kfc??

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