Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I'm gonna be a cyborg!!!

Woke up this morning at 6am after sleeping for about 2 hours. Apart from feeling very, very sleepy, I was pretty much in a good mood. My arm was healing perfectly or so I thought. So I happily got in the car and took a nap in the backseat as my parents drove me to the hospital.

Got there somewhere around 8am. Took a number, waited for my turn until finally I reached the orthopediciatrician. wow! That's quite a long word. I dunno if I spelled or got the term right tho. So anyway, as I got in the exam room I took a seat and waited for my report.

So this doc was clicking thru the hospital's neat netwotk. Everything is done electronically, sweet. So anyway, finally the I got to see the x-ray from last week after my arm was casted in plaster. And even with my untrained eye from the medical point of view I can see clearly that there was something wrong with my fucking bone. Apparently those fucktards that were supposed to re-align my fractured bone didn't do they're fucking job!! So now it's semi-fused in a fucking unnatural position. Its angulated inwards towards my inner forearm and now shaped like a fucked up letter V.

If it wasn't for the lousy service I got from the EMERGENCY DEPARTMENT in which I had to wait for 5 fucking hours to get to see the doc without any splint, anesthesia or any medical or emergency support, with my mangled arm, I wouldn't be this pissed. But after having gone thru that and getting to know that I'm gonna have to have a piece of metal bolted to my bones just because the staff were too fucking lazy and were more concerned of getting home rather than treat the wounded like they were suppposed to and messed up my arm in the process?

Fuck! now I don't know when I'm gonna be able to get back to training. My dad was pretty pissed as well. He's a lawyer, so I hope he can find someone to sue. This is malpractice!! I demand retribution!!! grrr!!

Gonna have the surgery on Saturday. This one's gonna hurt. Dang...

On the drive back, I was very how do I put it? Not happy to put it mildly. Took these shots while in the car. Edited them. And uploaded. and now I need to take a break...


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surrexia said...

do tell me which hospital. im not working this saturday. can i just msg ur maxis broadband btw? if its easier.