Thursday, August 19, 2010

Opera 10.61 is the fastest browser on the planet

Benchmark Test and Opera won :3
So i went and downloaded Opera last night since Firefox seems to hog the system down after long use and the startup time from a reboot on this thing is ridiculous. So I decided to ditch it for good. Google Chrome was fast but still, it was really buggy. Some sites didn't get rendered properly and the most important thing is the password management system is just total trash. Absolutely useless. It stores your login and password for the plain eye to see without any master key. So I tried to use Chrome but with that big hole in security I figured I just couldn't afford to.

For now Opera is the best at the moment. It's fast, it's neat and elegant, plus the networking capabilities integrated into the browser and the Opera community is really awesome. So I highly recommend this browser for all of you out there. Benchmark was done on the same machine on similar environments. Opera is the king of the hill. :3

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