Wednesday, April 7, 2010

My blog......

There used to be a time where I felt like blogging 24-7. I would blog about anything under the sky, the ants crawling up my computer table, the sounds that my belly makes whenever I got hungry, seriously.. Anything. But lately, it's not as exciting anymore to tell the world what I had for lunch or what time I slept in last night. Suddenly all the page views I get everyday despite the fact that I haven't posted anything worth reading since 2008 don't seem to be as important anymore. Suddenly I realized that this blog started during my "emo" years.... and then I understand...(say it like TheWineKone :D)

So what I'm trying to say is, my blog lost its purpose the day I had a life outside my room. There's nothing to complain about, except for maybe the occasional reviews of really bad movies I paid to watch and yea... I actually have nothing to bitch about nowadays. Now ain't that a bitch?

Of course, after the emo phase, there was the girlfriend phase. Filled quite a bit of my blog in the beginning of it too. But I've been single for almost a year now, which kinda works for me, so yea... Nothing to complain about in that department anymore either.

And next was the photography phase. Now this took most of the space on my bloggy and I really had a lot of fun with my D40. Love that camera, and I'm really glad that I bought that camera by mistake cuz I was actually looking for a camera that can shoot videos but I didn't know that DSLRs back then didn't have video shooting capabilities. Uhuh.. kinda dumb, but I learned a lot from using that camera. :D Lotsa moments captured.

Which brings us to the "now", where most of my posts are random funny videos, or random funny pictures, or random funny quotes, or random photos that I take from my phone, or random games and apps and other shit that I discover on my phone and yeah.... Nowadays, I've been pre-occupied with my phone most of the time. I guess, I'm in the iPhone phase at the moment. haha!! Which is fun for me but extremely annoying to everyone else since I keep posting shit up on my twitter, blog and facebook.

That's why I decided to change up my blog's theme, and start fresh. I'll try and actually put some thought into the posts that I upload from now on. Try to fill them with some degree of substance and relevance if I can and at the very least, make it look as though I've put a bit of effort into my writing. It's a little late for my year 2010 resolutions but who says that change needs to start at the beginning of every year right?

And I shall end this post with a quote which I found to be very empowering and hold very deep meaning to me. Say it with me guys and gals.... Power..... EXTREME!!!!!


Just_najmiE said...

I look forward to ur future posts!.. (^^,)

this is not from abudi said...

ah meng, u forgot to mention ur xbox phase which is the most power extreme phase! Literally nothing was posted during that phase. Haha! Where is all thee widgets?? Pushme and the flickr shits is gone!!!! Nooooooo!! Put it back!hahaha

siddiq said...

noooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!! not the pushme!!!!

Keyrana said...

Power..... EXTREME!!!!!

Amir Hamzah said...

pushme u ppl spam!!!!!! i remove muahahahahahhaa!!! power... EXTREME!!!!!!