Thursday, January 21, 2010

Pics of the recent shoot location

So here are shots from the first day of shoot. I shall elaborate on the things that I had to do pic by pic :D Videos won't be available for upload on youtube, at least until the movie has come out. Which is probably in about a year's time. So don't count on it.

So here's a brief rundown on things. Location was on top of the 23rd floor rooftop of some apartment complex. From what I heard, it used to be some kind of brothel. So anyway, the scenes involved 4 corrupt cops chasing this other low life thug (who happens to be very good at free-running thanks to me lol) on what's supposed to be like urban rooftops.

So there were a lot of drops. Major drops, some with mattresses some without. The ones that I had to do with mattresses are for drops over 2 storeys high!! Damn scary weyh! Ok so let's move on with the Pics.
This stairwell, it's about 2 times bigger than the one in TTC. And it involves me having a fight sequence right before the staircase with the 4 cops and ends with me doing and aerial down half the flight of stairs. Mattress was provided and I managed to get it right after like the 7th or 8th take.

This is another angle. A very crappy angle lol.

Next off. here's a view from the roof to the balcony directly below it.
What did I have to do? What else, a drop lah. so cool.

Here's the runup. As u can see, it's pretty fucking scary. All you see in front of you are buildings :O

Here's the view from downstairs. The black thing is actually like those rubber yoga mats that they use. Doesn't do much for cushioning but, good for grip :D
And here's another view. As you can see, it's a pretty decent drop height.

And here's a view from the inside.

This was where the 2 cameras were placed. I kinda cut off the right side of the bulding cuz it was 3 consecutive drops in sequence in 1 take. So it was basically a 2 storey drop from the far right side onto some mattresses, (couldn't screw it up cuz if i fall to the left it's bye bye. no rails or rope to protect me from falling off the ledge.)
I couldn't do a roll cuz the director said they couldn't see me when I did it the first time. I was like, okay.
So drop, land and this is from the opposite angle, i jumped off the top off the building and my landing spot was the height of the wall down there.

After I landed, continued my run for another drop from the far right to the rooftop. no rolls here either, and continue all the way to the vault on the balcony side and a drop roll, and immediately turn 180 degrees and run inside the building. All in one shot. AWESOME!!!

Now here's another drop. And this time it's a turn vault to cat from the top, land on the zink curvy roof and kinda had to do like a one hand tap on the roof and slide down for the drop thing. and yes, there were mattresses thank god. lol
And here we have another angle. as you can see, there's a rooftop on the left side of the pic. now that's where i had to do a sideflip. lol. over-rotated everytime! and onto mattresses woohoo!! it was fun tho. couldn't see shit. lol

Now this one was scary. I had a guidewire, and the gap was only about 10 steps from a running start. but still. it was the fucking 23rd floor!! if i fell, even with the guidewire i'd be smashing onto the walls below.
And here's the angle that they took the shot from. :D

So that's all I have for now. I gotta say, I risked my life quite a few times for this job. But it was all fucking worth it!! What an experience!!! :D:D:D:D:D:D More updates as I get them later. Till then. laters!!


siddiq said...

aerial and sideflip, gler x efficient lol..
n scary shit all the drops!

btw if anything happens, i called shotgun on ur iphone! lol

Just_najmiE said...

u better be paid extremely high for the stunts that u do weih.. don't break anything ya! =D

Cat said...

Crazy!!! I gotta see this movie!!!

Anonymous said...

i love the last pic!