Thursday, January 21, 2010

My new toy :D

So i got an iPhone lol. Played around with my brother's iPod touch, and finally succumbed its coolness :D Im having a lot of fun with this thing. It's jailbroken, so I can do pretty much anything with it instead of just working with iTunes. Lotsa games, lotsa apps, and lotsa storage oh yeah!! 16 gigs worth of stuff!! I think I still have like 5 gigs of space left after copying a coupla hundred songs, 20+ videos, and over 6 pages of apps and games. woohhh!! I'm loving it!

Still can't beat the psp on games tho but it's doing pretty good considering it's just got into the big league of gaming. RTS games work really well on this phone, command and conquer, civilizations revolution and settlers all play awesome with the touch screen. Racing games are also pretty cool, but yea, i prefer having some real buttons for acceleration, braking and shifting gears and the tilt screen driving mechanics need a lot of getting used to.

Shooters are crap on this thing. lack of physical buttons makes it almost impossible for u to move around and aim at the same time. My thumbs keep straying away from the designated "control" zones on the screen. So yea, having two thumbs on a screen as small as the iphone effectively renders almost half the screen useless cuz it'll be covered by ur big ass thumbs lol.

Other novelty games showcasing the accelerometer on this phone are also quite fun. Haven't really played them fully yet, cuz I downloaded so much.

Another cool thing is the GPS thing. Yeah, it doubles as a GPS navigator too. I've downloaded TOM TOM, it looks to be quite accurate, given the signal is good tho. It speaks in different voices too! Wicked. (jakon, sebab tak pernah pakai gps lol)

But despite all the coolness, it's not without its shortcomings tho. First thing that bothered me was sometimes it hangs for a coupla seconds, I read about it and I found out that it was because of the OS new update. yeah u read it right. it was introduced during the 3.1 OS upgrade. Bad coding. Among the list of bugs are a bug that drains the battery like water, a bug that sends the phone into "coma" mode where its alive but is just not responding to anything, and then there's this little bug that happens to me, the screen just stops responding once in a while for a few seconds. Now this isn't really a problem cuz it goes away after a few secs, but once it happened when someone was calling me and i couldn't pick up the phone. WTF??? Way to go Apple. You guys talk a lot of shit about windows and its bugs yet u can't even fix these things on ur iphone. And this thing's not cheap either. meh.

So, yea. I love this phone. It rocks. I just hope Apple fixes these bugs on the next update and it would be awesome! :D And please lah. Why voice command only on the 3gs??? Every frickin phone has that nowadays. Don't tell me that the 3g is not powerful enuff. its a mini computer goddamit!! GIMME MY GOD DAMNED VOICE COMMANDS!!!!!

and below are some pics of my awesome new toy. :D Need to get a cooler jacket for it and a screen protector. Shouldn't cost that much I hope :D and that's all for now. laters!! won't be updating till I finish my current job for this movie im doing :D:D:D:D:D:D Gotta say this movie is the best one I've ever worked on. Stunt-wise. Lotsa B-13 shit!! I definitely gotta watch this one :D

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Merissa K. said...

eleh eksyen!

(hee. sebenarnya jealous. garr)