Monday, November 9, 2009

Some pics from last week's 100plus TVC shoot.

Ah, finally managed to upload me pictars. Meksis is being gay again. So anyway, here are the pics from last week's 100 plus ad shoot. Nothing much since we didn't really do much. haha!! I posted some of the more funny ones and the not so funny ones.

Chicken ball is in as well cuz die dah lama tak masuk my blog and to show u guys and gals that chicken ball's doing alright. See. Tengok muke die tu. Tido je keje. XD

I really don't have anything else to write about except for my new shoes. Will take photos of them tomorrow maybe and write a personal review if I feel rajin and if meksis decides to play nice.

Tomorrow ada class at 11am. Man. time-time nak exam ni lah start kluar aura-aura malas die. I actually just wanna get this shit over with so I can get on with my cuti-cuti and couch potato-ing. Student life is a pain weyy!!! That and trying to mix it with work and play and shit. Rase cam 24 hours tak cukup. So many things to do yet so little time. A total reverse from before I got into ASWARA.

I still have a few more assignments to do, mainly my for my directing class. Yang paling senang yet susah at the same time. Gotta take some pics and think of something for a short 5 minute film. I'll think about it some time this week lah. no need to rush. hehehe!!

This be chicken ball chilling next to Acap's rempit machine.

This be the last scene of the day.

This be us going to burger king. Qiddis and ammar for some reason buat muke gangster.

This was pretty much the "stunt" I had to do. Ammar just did a lazy vault. The easiest job EVAR!!

Some minor acting before the actual jumping.

Ammar muke sengal.

Acap ngan Qiddis muke berkilat lol!

I have no words for this one. except. LOL!!!

Lots of chicks there weyyyhhhh!!!

I dunno why my face was like that. : 3

And finally, Berru Chan. The photographer of the day. She needs more practice with the camera. haha!! All of these pics except for chicken ball was shot by Berru-Chan.

And that's all lah. Sudah mengantuk ni. Goodnite, stay tuned for my new Nike shoe review coming tomorrow!! :D


lolina said...

Makeup Ammar macam tebal semacam je. or is it your editing yang made it tebal semacam.

your face.


your face. :|

Kuyem said...

aku rase sume lemak kat badan siddiq dah pindah ke aku

Keyrana said...

kuyem lol! is dat is a pasrah confession? haha

ameng kalau ko ade gmba aku konfem ko dpt byk follower :D

Just_najmiE said...

amir, don't forget to save money for our trip nnt.. huhu.. (^^,)

Abudi Alsagoff said...

i thought i deleted that picture of mine bell captured with the bunga on the side, she forced me!!! fak. hahahah!!

Paras|te said...

Nerd hair ftw~!

A'a said...


siddiq said...

the minum air scene really looks like it was shot during daylight! awesome lighting!

A'a said...

Oh I meant anti, not anto. Lol

farain said...