Saturday, November 7, 2009

A real update! :D

It's 6.48am. and I'm awake. This is a very rare moment my dear friends. That, and the fact that I'm writing this entry on my long forgotten blog. What has come over me? :O I still have 4 more pages to do, to finish my assignment on Leonardo Da Vinci which is to be printed and submitted at 11am. For some strange reason. I think I can really make that deadline.

Truth be told, I could've finished it last night before I went to bed, but I got tired and well, bored mostly and decided to take a little quick nap at 3am in the morning. Not such a good a idea, cuz by the time i woke up from my "quick" little nap, I'm writing this blog. :D Procrastination is so AWESOME!!! One of my guilty pleasures.

So anyway, what's there to update about? Oh yeah, I am now travelling back and forth from home to ASWARA. Yes people. I am no longer staying at ASWARA's cramped and gay filled hostel anymore. Woohoo!!! I could be training every evening actually if it wasn't for the weather. Everyday hujan meh? Give me a break!! I wants to traaaaiiiinnnnn!!!!

Apart from that, me and Ammar just did this job for planet films on a 100 plus TV commercial. Will post pics from that day soon, once I get them from Berru chan. With the cash I got from the shoot, I bought meself a new memory card for my psp. A 16 Pro HG Duo BABY!!! Woohoooo!!! and a 1.3 Megapixel camera addon for the psp as well. So now, my psp doubles as a wicked mobile gaming machine and a pretty decent still and vid cam.

Here's a sample of a vid I shot with my psp. Was shot around 6pm, after the rain and not so favorable lighting. So I guess I can still get better quality from my psp cam if I shot it on a bright sunny day. Will experiment on that some other time. So for now, enjoy my low quality video and as for Kuyem's comment and query. I quote "Holy shiatt...!! Preview of Emo session 2....?!!" No. I'm afraid not la Kuyem. Not planning on making one yet. Need more noticeable improvement before I make another one. :D haha!!


A'a said...

Wooh! Hentai boy telah kembali!! Hahaha your psp got camera? Gile babi awesome!! *coughs. Only your psp yg awesome k? Not you. :p

Abudi Alsagoff said...

thats not amir. truth be told, that's ammar performing while amir recorded with his psp.

think about it, how can he put his psp anywhere while he go and parkour? i don't know... this doesnt makes sense.. i GO for that's ammar.


Cat said...

Finally!!! That video was recorded with ur psp cam??? Holy shiatt!!! Training pagi la weiii... just trained with Ben n da geng in da morning at Uptown damansara... Ausam!!!

Amir Hamzah said...

aiyoyoh. pagi-pagi i kenot bermoving-moving. else i will need to visit the toilet. haha!!