Saturday, July 25, 2009

Proper Update :D

Woke up feeling very sluggish today. After spending a week of orientation at a "concentration" camp in Bentong Pahang, on it's nasty beds, hot dorms, dirty bathrooms and 5.30am wake up calls... It feels really, really good to be back home again. :D

Apparently I was wrong. I thought the orientation week was gonna be spent in ASWARA itself. But that idea was fucked down the toilet when I was told by some of the facilitators and staff there that they were gonna ship us off to Pahang at 4.30pm that afternoon itself. WOOOOT!!??? And I brought all my shit too. FUCK! All that packing for shit.

Oh yeah, I arrived pretty early that day. The registration counters weren't even open yet when I got there which was around 8.30am or something like that. Which meant that I was there from 8.30am in the morning till 4.30pm in the afternoon. Weee! Now that's what I call QUALITY time!! OH YEAAAHHHH!!! FTW!!

It was 5 days of hell. Every hour felt like eternity. I can't believe I made it through that. Can't imagine how NS campers go through stuff like that for 3 months straight. But I have to admit that I got to see the kinds of people I'll be studying with. So Imma summarize.

First off! My faculty. Film and Video students are a pretty weird bunch, myself included. The guys in my faculty don't really have any distinctive traits to really differentiate them from normal people cuz they look well, pretty normal.

Next we have the Dancers OH YEAH!!!! :D Like I said, these people have really, really good figures. Be it the guys or the gals. They're fit, most of them are pretty tall, slim and have perfect posture. It's not after seeing some of these dudes and dudettes perform their stuff did I realize how awesome these people are. :D Except for the fact that most of the dudes in this line aren't really dudes. Too bad actually, cuz most of them are pretty good looking. Wouldn't have any trouble picking up the ladies if they were straight. Of all the guys who are dance students I've only found 2 actual dudes among the lot. I might have missed some but still, 2 out of the whole faculty? Not really a good number.

Now let's move on to the Music students. Ah yes, music. Everyone loves music. And that's a proven fact since the majority of the students who applied to ASWARA this year, are in fact music students. Can't really blame them cuz there are a lot of instruments out there and I got to know quite a few people who play out of the ordinary instruments. You can pretty much tell the musicians apart with just a glance. Cuz they don't really look all that different from each other in terms of fashion sense. The rock band group will sport dyed hair and funky hairdos. The classical instument players look a little on the nerdy side, dress better, and are well mannered and soft spoken. Classy so to speak. The traditional ones look very umm well, traditional I guess. haha! And of course the singers. The modern ones tend to go for the artiste look. While the traditional ones are more conservative. So as I end this generalization of the Music faculty students, I can honestly say, that it's the most diverse compared to the rest.

So what else do we have? Hmm.. Oh yea, Theatre. Haven't really seen much of them so I can't really say much.

Literature and Fine Arts students look exactly as you'd expect them to look :D haha! I haven't talked much with any of them yet either but they seem to be pretty fun too.

I wonder if I got all of them. Hmmm. Can't think of anything anymore so most probably I already covered all of them. :D

Now back to off campus talk.

Training's been ongoing even during orientation week. There was this huge field next to the hostel so I trained some of my flips there whenever I had some free time. It's better than MPN!!! Did my 200 pushups per day thing there and the occasional L crunches. And today, is gonna be training day with the dudes. Weee!!

And to Keyrana. Video aku baru buat halfway. Need more QUALITY footage. Seriously I think this is gonna be the best freerun video I ever made :D And Azam, footage ko sikit dowh. So datang ari ni and aku shoot ko nyer parts. Yang still very little footage adalah ko, Acap and Siddiz. Oh ye, video ni takde rumput wokey. :D So, hopefully tak hujan hari ni, and we can shoot some stuff in Putrajaya. Tripod shots only so most probably I'll be the dedicated cameraman for today since I already got most of my stuff in there except for my fronts and webbies. Will try to shoot some of them today.

And that about covers it. I'll keep you guys posted once I settle down in ASWARA. Still pretty hectic and kinda in the malas mood to reply to comments and stuff. Internet slow lah katakan. haha!!

Alright so that's it for me for the time being. Wow, this is a pretty long post. I hope you guys read it till the end tho. Penat aku tulis weh!!! hahaha!!! lotsa love. :D


A'a said...

alaa amir, i know you love the dancers. the MALE dancers. XD hahaha! i kid i kid. aswara sounds like a lotta fun. hehe! :D any hot dudes for me? HAHA

Acap said...

there is a little footage of me because i am a very super duper cool low profile guy...
since that video will be an awesome one..
today i am going to do my best...
and the camera angle must be cool too..

my pc cant render the holz video man...
this pc already lopek...
even after i convert the footage to mp4 format and i tried to render that 2mins plus vid into three parts, it still have the problems..
like, "your memory is too low, please close some of your programes..bla bla bla..."

Abudi Alsagoff said...

read it for like 2 minutes. not long enough >:P hahahah!! FTW kene orientation in the middle of nowhere!!!

Just_najmiE said...

wow, mcm terlampau fun ja.. hahahaha..

too bad for u weih, old and have to go through orientation..
lalalala~~ (in the mood to be evil!)

Just_najmiE said...

p/s :- Genting!! :p

Delinquentility of MuriL said...

yes!! traffic in kl..:)
sori ar, aku xdpt join korang =)

Lagi pun, demam aku tak pulih dgn sempurna, any program for 2morrow??:D

A'a said...

oh yeaaa GENTING!!