Friday, July 24, 2009

Hostel life!? Oh dem!

Surprisingly my parents got me into Aswara's hostel :D weee! Which means I get to save some cash and time and frustration for travel. I just gotta deal with the sempitness tho. But anyway, I just got back home from subject registration, will head back there on Sunday with all my tech stuff. :D will update then

P/S - Seriously, lots of hot chicks weh!! haha! Too bad I'm not looking for any tho. :O


Just_najmiE said...


I missed u!.. hahaha.. :p
hope you're having fun there.. dah start klas ka?.. what subjects are you learning this sem?..

lolina. said...

"Too bad I'm not looking for any tho"

of course la you're not looking for any. you still sayang me mah. tak sanggup nak curang *RUNS AWAY*

A'a said...

hahaha!! you're not looking for any? see, i was right. YOU'RE GAY!!! HAHAHAHA!!

Amir Hamzah said...

-not yet, still gotta wait for my faculty punye class schedule this monday to finish my subject registrations. :D But this place is definitely my kinda place. can't wait to start studying. woohoo!

-ey eyy, u dah ade boyfren okay. haha!! btw, i dapat hostel so I have about 6 months to look for a rumah sewa. weee :D

-I'm not gayyyyy!!!

A'a said...

haha you have about 3months to prove me that you're not. :p

lolina. said...

i dah ade bf. you takde gf. psl you masih sayang i. :p

come stay at my apartment complex lorrrrr.

Amir Hamzah said...

maybe for the next semester. for now i'll just enjoy my cheap and cramped hostel space. haha!! Ur apartment complex nice or not? :P

lolina. said...

of course la nice. i'm staying here aren't i :p and it's near the curve, one utama, ikano, ikea and very many tempat makanz.