Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Wait come back!! I'm not dead yet!!!

Damn! My blog is dead! :D I think I have too many excess stuff to play with and too little time to play with them all. I haven't taken out my DSLR for a while now. For a real photo outing. I don't feel inclined to do so. As for vids. It looks like all of the guys have less time to hold the cam during training sessions nowadays. Cuz they're too busy training. All of them! It's great actually. Nobody's slacking off. But it also means, no new vids for now.

Doesn't really matter, cuz we already have tonnes of vids on the channel. Might as well wait for the right moment to produce a quality video rather than mix and matching a few crappy shots. Although I could work on something for the susuralley channel. :D I just need to go thru the THOUSANDS of clips on my hard drive and check em out ONE BY ONE. No BIG deal, small matter only.

I really need a cpu upgrade. It's gonna set me back around 1k if I were to get the specs that I want. No moolah to do so for now, so it'll be put on hold indefinitely.

I still haven't gotten new shoes yet. Im probably gonna get a cheap pair. I don't really care about brand anymore. I mean seriously. A pair of shoes every six months? 600 bucks a year weh. Mahal tuuu. Might as well get an el cheapo one. Could shave up to half the cost. So will be finding kasut murah soon. My Reebok's are dying. Or should I say dead? There's no sole anymore on them. The "soul" of the shoes dah hilang = dead. So in a sense, I'm wearing a pair of carcasses on my feet.

Training-wise. All's A-OK!! :3 Gaming wise Triple A-OK!!! Now playing monster hunter freedom Unite. :D weeee!! I'm starting off from the ground up again. Ammar has carried his hundreds over hours worth of monster hunter freedom 2 data to the new one. And I don't know what kinds of monsters he's dealing with. He's currently in an intense battle as I'm typing this. I can hear the suspense music playing, while Ammar is sitting on the side of the bed slouched, eyes locked on his PSP with an expressionless, almost dead like face. Like a zombie!!! Yes!! That would be the most accurate description. Ammar has once again turned a Monster Hunter Zombie!! I sense another 100 hours of Monster Hunter madness on his side. :O Oh the horror!!!

And I'm just starting out. a few hours in. weee!! Let's hope I have the drive to at least finish the game quests. :O oh btw, this weekend guys!! TRANSFORMERS!! Woohooo!! I'll be posting more often from now on. Hopefully. :3


A'a said...

haha welcome back to the blogging world homeboy. :)

Just_najmiE said...

muahaha, true dat A'a!..
and I thought you were dead.. good to hear from ya again.. (^^,)

siddiq said...

transformer ftw!!

Cat said...

Dude,have you contacted Farez from PR Concept?

Abudi Alsagoff said...
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Abudi Alsagoff said...

cepat book transformers dowh!!! cepat2!!

Keyrana said...

aku balek petang ni! transformers ftw!

Delinquentility of MuriL said...

nak pegi tgk ker??....c'mon la...aku download jer bender2 cmtu...hahahaha