Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Okay so I haven't been blogging for a while. Reasons being, well. I've just been busy with stuff. And mother fuckin' Prototype!! :D I still haven't transferred them vids from JB into my hard drive yet and i realize that people are starting to ask. :P I'll work on 'em soon hehe!

Now today, I received a link on Myspace from Nabil Ifwat from kedah that led me to this Indonesian myspace page. Who seem to have beef with us Malaysians. You can find his blog here.

Now let's contemplate this for a moment. It's easy to get drowned in anger and discontent after reading such bullshit. But then again, why should we stoop to their level. It's a common fact that "haters" usually have massive inferiority complex towards whom they hate. These "haters" usually can't even give a definitive reason to why they hate those that they hate so much. And because of this lack of intelligence and maturity, they rely on generalization and of course the main favorite of these losers, name calling. LOL!!

The funny thing is, the dude from this Malingsial blog is trying to rile up the other races in our country in hopes of driving Malaysia to the ground. HAHAHAHA!!! So to the writer/s of the Malingsial hate blog. If you're reading this... seriously dude. Who in the right fucking mind is gonna take you seriously? It's obvious you are a person of limited intelligence and very narrow minded. An extremist so to speak. You should realise that people visit ur blog just for the lulz and just to show other people how dumb you racist bastards truly are.

As a last note. Fuck you! and all the racist fuckers out there!


Just_najmiE said...

I went to the blog and I was laughing, coz what u said was so so so so true..
man, that dude really needs a life..

A'a said...

haha this is BULLCRAP!!! seriously man, indonesia is even worse kot. BAPAK ROGOL ANAK SENDIRI SAMPAI PREGNANT!!! Hahaha!! if that's not the worst i dont know what is. =/

Cat said...

Let's do something about it. Spread the link (of the blog) and flag it!

~i just did...

Hariz said...

That was a whole lot of bullshit wey..
Fucking racist!!
They dont see the problems in their own country and their criticizing our country.
Stupid indons.
Boycott all indonesian products!!LOL

A'a said...

mcm la diorang tu terer sangat kan haha BULLSHIT!!

siddiq said...

lets all flag the blog.. i just did..haha

Jules said...

In one post he said that Chinese and Indians should go to Indon. However, I have heard that the Chinese and Indian people there are the worst discriminated in the country. Chinese people can't even be Chinese, can't even have Chinese names or even speak their Chinese mother tongue! At least here in Malaysia, we are allowed freedom to have any kind of name we want, speak any language we want and to have any religion that we want! I can't believe that the person would say that Chinese people are treated better in Indonesia! Hah!

Just_najmiE said...

blog flag-ed by yours truly.. hohoho..

lolina. said...

people just have too much time in their hands. i suppose rather than concentrate on the bad parts of other people's country, concentrate on your own.

i mean, face it, indonesia isn't exactly heaven on earth y'know. nor are the people any more saint-like than ours.

Abudi Alsagoff said...

FUCK INDO-MIE!!!! There's indo in that food's name!! INDO!!! HOLYY SHIEAT!!! INDO!! BOICOOT!!!