Monday, May 11, 2009

Jam session in PJ

Well we had the session last saturday and I'm still recovering from it. I guess because it's been a while since I tricked so my body is in a state of shock. That and the fact that I banged my left leg pretty good on the picnic table during casting. Sakit arh badan to say the least. :P

This idea of having sessions once a week by Sabree is brilliant! Not only do we get to find new places to play around with. New people actually come and join. :D So I guess by having this open concept of training, it really is a good way for us to expand free-run to the masses.

And I have to say, that for the first time ever in PKMY history, last saturday, we actually had girls attending our training sessions. Yes!! Real girls I tell you!! That is really, a huge achievement. :D Oh yea, I gotta thank the new guys and girls for joining in. Don't worry guys and girls, you'll get better in no time.

Also I would like to add, that we've been getting quite a lot of offers from prodcution houses for ads this year. That means we're doing it right, they know how and where to find us :D Which should make things a lot easier in the coming years. If only some programs on TV3 would do a take on us. That'd be super great.

As for videos. I have some. But umm, they're kinda hard to go thru. And also cuz there are lots of tricking involved. I might just combine the recent one with future jam vids to even it out. Which would also mean, more variety and that's always good. But I did upload a video from the recent jam on the Susuralley account cuz I find this one to be pretty funny. But this concept is one I'd like to explore on future feature vids. Speed and explosive power!!

So that video project is still in the planning stages. Well actually, I haven't even started planning yet really. So umm, it's still in on hold till I get rajin enough to actually plan it mode. Till then, enjoy this short clip and try to master the "roll". Cuz you can get hurt by doing it the wrong way as shown in this vid. :D

Turn the volume up and listen to the woman scream. HAHAHA!! and watch in HQ if you want to see our cool faces clearly. By our I meant me. So yea. Woohoo!! Im so cool!!

P/s: It also helps if you wear t-shirts instead of singlets btw. XD


Syed Farouq said...

girl tu cun tak..??
kalau cun next session aku dtg..!!

sweet_knk said...

ouch... (o_0;;
congrats on receiving new recruits though..
so sapa yg train the girls?.. you ek?..

lolina. said...

uuu. my sexy voice 8D

lolina. said...

ammar's bail! at the monkey bars! you forgot that!

sweet_knk said...

waaaa, i guessed right!..
so it was your voice, lina.. awesome!.. (^^,)

lolina. said...

yeah i was giggling towards the end. i didn't scream. and i was the one who went "you baww you lose" XD